Why Do Juveniles Commit Crimes?

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Why Do Juveniles Commit Crimes?

Juvenile crimes are often classified as crimes committed by children under the age of 18. Statistics show that this accounts for about 20% of all reported crimes. This is one concern that should be looked into. There are many reasons why these young people are led astray and commit crimes.

Children of today are more exposed to a lot of things thanks to television and the technological advances in the world of communication. The use of Internet can also be attributed to the rise in the number of juvenile crimes committed.

These people are now more made aware of the problems of broken families, poverty among other things because of the easy access to information. Children are easily influenced by what is happening around them that when they are not reared properly, they have a misguided notion of doing things.

Children who grow up in a poverty stricken area will be more likely to be exposed to violence and drug abuse. Since this is what they see every day, they will think that it is how things are done. So when they grow up, chances are they will commit the same crimes as those people around him committed.

Growing up in a broken family can also be a factor why these young people are lead to commit crimes. It is often said that the degradation of the basic unit of the society can be the cause for all societal problems that we have. When the support is not there, they tend to look for it somewhere else. And when there is no guidance coming from the parents then it will often lead to a wrongdoing.

The influence of the things that they see on TV and the Internet is also a major factor as well as drugs, alcohol and abuse.

Strengthening the family can definitely help in lessening the number of juvenile crimes.

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