Why do Japanese kill Whales?

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Why do Japanese kill Whales?

The reason why Japan allows whale hunting is for the purpose of research study. They say that killing whales is the only way of finding out their age. The international whaling commission in 1986 has stopped commercializing whales. In order to prove to the government that the number of whales has increased so much that they can be utilized for commercial purpose, the scientific research was done by the Japanese. But it is observed that whale meat was served as a favorite dish to almost all the Japanese. This might be the real reason for them to kill whales so often.

Some of their whale hunting was done in the Antarctic Ocean and some near the Australian border. When Australians try to stop them, Japanese say that they do this for research purpose. But it is understood that Japanese are killing whales for the creation of a medicine using oil from whales. The other reason is for preparation of their delicious dish ‘Sushi,. The whale they use for extracting lots of oil is Hump back whale. Furthermore, whales like grey whales and Minkes whales available in Antarctic Ocean were also used by them.

On the other side, Japan is not afraid of other countries questioning them for whaling. Japanese confidently say that this act is a very well accepted cultural tradition. They are not accepting others saying that it is unethical to hunt whales beacause Japanese feel that it is not at all barbaric to do whaling. They also say that they are killing whales to satisfy the hungry population of Japan and they have been doing this since World War II. Some scientists argue that Japanese do not eat whale meat very often. It is not found in the ordinary dinners of the household but only in restaurants.

The research program they have mentioned as a reason for whaling is to find out the number and dynamics of whales.

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