Why Do Japanese Kill Dolphins?


dolphin-203875_640Why Do Japanese Kill Dolphins?

Dolphins are a mammal that can entertain individuals especially the children. In fact, there are several aquatic establishments these days which generates wealth out of presenting dolphins and its tricks to audience. Not to mention the fact that it watching this types of presentation could be very expensive.

Then again, not all people love dolphins. There are individuals who hate dolphins and even kill them. One of these groups of individual is the Japanese. Base on historic reason, it was assumed by the Japanese to direct the Enola gay; it is the vessel that nuked their country twice in the World War II era.

Well, this is just one of the theories why Japanese kill dolphins. But, this is not a hundred percent proven true. Hence, this does not mean that Japanese are killing dolphins without any proven reason, of course they do it for a cause and it is probably worth it. Although most people are against it, there are still people who are experiencing the need to kill these species to determine various things.

These days, the official reason why Japanese kill dolphins is because it is their only way for them to determine its age. Its purpose is to prove that dolphin and whale population have developed. It aims to show that the developments in its reproduction are enough to let commercial whaling.

But, unfortunately, it is banned by the International Whaling Commission in the year 1986. On the other hand whale and dolphin meat is often sold as a delicacy, so it is also one of the possible reasons why Japanese and other people are killing dolphins and whales. Nonetheless, whale and dolphin hunting these days is already banned. Hence it does not necessarily mean that there are no people who continue hunting whales, of course there are still some that are hunting whales for various reasons, and it does not involve the Japanese alone.

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  1. Dave Lister

    March 21, 2011 6:18 pm

    the Enola Gay did not drop both bombs on japan, only the first one, the second bomb was dropped by a B29 bomber named Bock’s Car (or Bockscar, as a play on boxcar) usually piloted by Capt. Fredrick Bock, but that day was flown by Major Charles Sweeny.

  2. Divine Grace Pardo

    April 7, 2011 5:58 pm

    I would really defy this article because the mere fact that the Japanese would only kill the dolphins just to determine its age is so lame! What they are doing is simply killing the peace-loving creatures and making the dolphin population decrease each year due to the fact that they actually do a mass slaughter to dolphins around october til march every year!!

  3. Laura

    October 17, 2011 10:05 pm

    The slaughter of 23,000 dolphins isn’t for the simple reason of determining age. The meat also probably isn’t a delicacy considering not many people eat it. There is mercury in the meat which causes the price of whale and dolphin meat to go down. Scientific research on these animals is a bunch of crap. We all know that their main intentions is for the meat. It is inhuman and wrong. They should be stopped altogether.

  4. Hi

    August 8, 2012 9:06 am

    Although this knowledge of “killing dolphins for their age” is seriously shocking me to the core, I’d have to say,I’m not really surprised. No offense to Japan(it’s a great nation), but the Japanese have been involved in the world’s most perverted, inhumane, notorious, and disgusting acts sever since Japan was founded. In fact, most japanese are even low enough to deny ll of this. The rape of Nanjing, the invasion of Korea, the killing 100 Chinese people contest, Pearl harbor, etc. are all committed by the Japanese. (Please be sure to read the conclusion of the review to get my opinion, because the important parts are at the end)

    Many people in the world think that Japanese are inferior because of these acts, but the main cause of these acts is because the lack of morality in their culture, not because they’re stupid or anything. In games such as Red Alert 3, the Japanese are extremely disciplined, organized, astute, honor-seeking, passionate, etc., but this is actually a stereotype many American, European, and Chinese people consider as a fact. Why wouldn’t the Japanese soldiers in WW2 behead 100 of their OWN soldiers because of shame if they beheaded 100 Chinese people(for fun)? It’s because they actually don’t give their lives for honor(that was a long time ago, when Japan was first founded). Why would the Japanese rape so many women in Nanjing if they were SO honored and disciplined with “holiness”?(Don’t get me wrong, Japanese ARE NOT EVIL. Did you know that lots of Japanese soldiers committed suicide because they didn’t want to commit homicide?) Because that discipline just seems to fade when considered with foreign countries. The common personality in these acts is Impulsiveness. I’m not trying to be racist here, but Japanese people have a general impulsiveness in their brains(just as Chinese people have a tendency to focus only on economics). This is probably why Japanese kill dolphins and whales so eagerly, without thinking much about how inhuman the act is.

    • Alice

      June 5, 2013 4:33 am

      I dissagree with your comment… Ive lived in japan for a very long time but the japanese are one of the kindest civilized people ive met. It just happens that they were powerful during the war, but i believe that if, for example, korea was as strong as japan, they would have done the same. This is what war does. Its uncivilized, cruel and nothing good comes out of it. Japan is now a country that only has a defence army and does not do war.

      • Brian

        June 9, 2016 5:45 am

        I strongly dispute your claim that Japanese are the “kindest civilized” people ever. Do you know a little something about the war in the pacific? The Japanese people even developed anthrax on Chinese population. Over 10 million people slaughtered in China alone. That’s not counting all the other countries they invaded. All woman were raped all children were killed. What a joke for you to throw such a statement out like that. I am sure there are millions of people who feel the exact same way as me. These poor dolphins are being slaughtered for the hell of it. And yet they are the “kindest civilized” people you ever met!!!

  5. Ian Hillier

    November 3, 2013 4:58 pm

    These acts of cruelty and callousness beggar belief. Dolphin are very peaceable, inquisitive creatures, possessed of a calming beauty and charm. I just can’t, no matter how hard i try, understand this barbaric behaviour. Don’t they see these poor animals writhing in pain, screaming and gushing blood onto their boots, and think “this is wrong, why am i hurting them”???? The Japanese do have a bloody and destructive undercurrent, in their crazy magna, strange music, gory movies and comics. But are they culturally or genetically more bloodthirsty or savage than the Chinese, the Islamic terrorists, the European colonists, the current U.S warmongers? They did have a nuclear bomb dropped on them. Twice. An event unique to them in all human history. Has it effected them more deeply than we thought? Either way the cruel and unnecessary slaughter of these beautiful creatures is disgusting and must end.

  6. Stacey

    January 24, 2014 11:06 pm

    If an article’s validity and intelligence were based solely on the frequency of the use of the word ‘hence’ this would be a fantastically important piece. In reality, however, this article is complete garbage. It’s too bad… this is an important topic and needs intelligent discussion to surround it. Hence, I shall search on for more reputable sources.


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