Why Do Irish Dancers Wear Wigs?

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Why Do Irish Dancers Wear Wigs?

Irish step dance was originated from Ireland from the Irish traditional dances. Recently this dance was made popular by the ‘River dance, show. Most of the Irish step dances are solo dances. In the solo dance the participants will keep their upper part of the body stiff and their lower part quickly moving to make attractive movements.

The Irish dance was said to have originated from traditional music of Ireland. The Irish dances followed the regulations of other continental dances like quadrille. In the public performances Irish dancers used to wear traditional Irish dress. In many dance competitions the judges were very particular about the type of shoes the dancers were wearing. The judges used to insist the dancers to wear either hard shoes or soft shoes and poodle socks or tights. In some schools people insist the Irish dancers to curl their hair or wear a curly wig.

Along with hand crafted traditional dresses Irish dancers were wearing wigs or crowns. In normal stage performances they were given the choice of wearing the wig or have just curly hair. But in big championships Irish women prefer to wear the wig as they are very convenient. The wigs were available in the form of ringlets matching with the natural hair colors of the dancers. The Irish dancers normally wear ringlet wigs or have curly hair as girls in Ireland used to have curly hair. Recently the ringlet hair has gone out of use. In olden days Irish women prefer to have curly hair. The wigs are worn to reduce the time taken for makeup and costume dressing. Wigs represent cultural accessories for the dancers which allow them to be more convenient. The wigs also provide extra decoration for the existing costume. Wigs were chosen by the Irish dancers as wigs allow the dancers to prepare easily for the performance.

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