Why do Hyenas Laugh?

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Why do Hyenas Laugh?

Hyenas are one of the wild animals in nature which are very disgusting. It usually eats the remains of dead animals and even dead people. These animals are usually scavengers that live in Carrion that is rotting meats from dead people and animals.

Hyenas also have disgusting smell that it gets through eating rotten meat. It can also enter a quit and peaceful village especially if they were very hungry. These animals usually attacks in packs, therefore they usually win in every attacks that they do except for the other animals like tigers and lions.

Moreover, Hyenas are believed to laugh while it is really not. The sounds that these animals produce sound like laugh. It is their means of communication. Therefore if you hear like they crazily laughing out loud then it means that they are communication with their herd. These animals are also obviously not attractive.

Its features are scary and disgusting like their characteristics as an animal. Hence, it can at least help in getting rid of dead animals because these are their diet. A dead animal can be toxic to some plants and other nature inhabitants. So, it’s really a good thing that hyenas are eating its remains.

Laughing sound from a hyena can also be heard when they are excited or fearful because they are chased by some wild animals like lions. In short laughing sound that are made by these animals is usual. They always make this sound particularly if they are excited and if they are to communicate with their packs in the wild.

Even if the hyenas are disgusting, people should also consider the fact that there is something good that hyenas can do. And it is to get rid of the dead animal and people remains which can be harmful to other living things in the nature.

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