Why Do HIV Patients Lose Weight?

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Why Do HIV Patients Lose Weight?

HIV or human immunodeficiency virus is a dangerous infection because it can lead to AIDS. HIV patients often suffer from flu, fever, headache, or fatigue. By suffering these symptoms, patients might experience lower resistance and weak immune system.

If a person suffers from HIV, the infection progresses depending on the complication and the kind of infection. One thing is obvious with HIV patients. They lose weight. It is reported that people with HIV might lose 10 percent of the total weight and gaining the normal weight is difficult to do. HIV patients lose weight because their immune system is frail. They also have no appetite to eat. If a person doesn’t have the appetite to eat, then not enough nutrition will be taken in by the body. Food is important to achieve good health. The nutrients from the food supply energy, protein, and vitamins needed by our blood. A person suffering from HIV doesn’t usually eat complete meal so this will make them weak and might suffer from other disease. They don’t have enough nutrients to combat the diseases and other infections. HIV patients may also suffer from diarrhea which is also one main reason of weight loss.

HIV should not be taken as a very hopeless disease because there are now advanced treatments being introduced. For those HIV patients, the only thing to help themselves is to stay healthy. Even if they suffer from infection, they still need to stay healthy. They must be given a healthy and nutrition-rich diet such as eggs, cheese, fruits, and beans. They must also exercise a lot to maintain strong muscles.

HIV patients must be considered as ordinary people who also want to live and stay happy. They must not be adjudged as dirt of the society. They need food and basic needs just what other ordinary people need.

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