Why Do Hindus Believe in Reincarnation?

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Why Do Hindus Believe in Reincarnation?

Hinduism says that the inner soul is separate from the outer body. When you are holding an object in your hand, you say that it is held by YOU. When the brain helps YOU in thinking and the heart helps YOU to survive and all the other body parts help YOU to lead YOUR life smoothly, then YOU are separate and different from all these body parts. Hinduism says that this ˜YOU’ is nothing but the inner soul or ATHMA’ which is different from the body. Everything outside the inner soul along with the body is not permanent. Hinduism says that the inner souls of every human being which are part of the Eternal Soul (Almighty), are imperishable and they remain forever irrespective of place, state and time. All the other objects including the human body in the world will perish.

As the body ages and perishes after sometime, the soul in order to reach the abode of the LORD or Eternal Soul will have to complete its journey. When the journey of the soul is interrupted by the death of the body, in order to carry out its journey it has to take the help of another body. This process is termed as reincarnation.

Coming to the purpose of reincarnation, as per the explanation given by Hinduism, if the soul reaches the state of higher spiritual consciousness, it will get liberated from the cycles of reincarnations and reach the abode of the LORD. If the soul is still in the lower consciousness, it gets the body in its next birth pertaining to its state of consciousness like lower level bodies of animals, insects, etc. The LORD says in ˜Bhagavad Gita’ that those who think of Him (Highest state of spirituality) at the time of their death will reach His abode without any rebirths. This process is similar to the evolution. The people who are devoid of ego, hatred, desires, attractions, materialistic attitudes are said to be evolved. Those who are less evolved will have to take rebirths to elevate their consciousness so that at the end of the journey they can reach the Eternal Soul. This is the brief description on the reincarnation concept of Hinduism.

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