Why do high heels hurt?

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It is common that ladies love wearing high heels as they are fashionable. But, often women complaint about ankle pain during their high heel usage. Though high heels are really painful women, continue wearing them as women are generally fond of beauty and fashion.

Primarily, high heels hurt humans as they are neither made for giving comfort to the feet nor the human feet are suitable to wear high heels. The human feet are supposed to provide balance and support to the body when humans run or walk. The high heels will change the posture of the legs which cannot properly help in walking or running. The change in shape of the feet by wearing them causes much pain to the legs. This might further lead to improper functioning of the feet.

Women who have already suffered from pain due to high heels usually drop in their feet into the shoes. The sliding of their feet into the shoes can distribute their weight evenly. Wearing high heels can cause many problems to the feet. The common problems that are caused are metatarsalgia, bunions, callous, corns, Achilles tendonitis, and hammertoe and so on. Metatarsalgia is a severe condition that results from consistently wearing the high heels. In this ailment, the metatarsal heads swell because of much pressure. This causes much pain at the metatarsal area of the feet. The individuals suffering from metatarsalgia experience pain at the feet. They also feel burning sensation on the ball of the foot with extensive collection of callous in that body location.

Wearing high heels for long duration might cause serious damage to the human feet further and spoil the situation still more. Wearing high heels apart from causing damage to the legs also were observed to have caused upper back pain. Harvard University study has revealed recently that wearing high heels can lead to knee arthritis in women.

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