Why Do Guys Like to Tickle Girls?

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Why Do Guys Like to Tickle Girls

Guys like to tickle girls because of so many reasons. It is but natural for a guy and a girl to show their fondness for each other through tickling. It is perhaps one of the ways of showing that you like this particular person without being too upfront. Especially for those who are still in the getting-to-know-you stage.

Tickling is a playful thing to do. If you want to keep things light between you and your special someone then this is one of the best things to do when you are starting to have him or her trust you. Tickling is an affectionate action that you only reserve for those whom you consider to be special persons in your lives.

Although there are guys who love to tickle girls because they are touchy-feely persons. It can be a natural thing to do for a guy who is considered to be a flirt. This is one of the things that you have to discern when getting close to a guy. Misinterpreting the signals that are sent during the tickling sessions can lead to a major disappointment.

Tickling is often used by men as an excuse to get near girls. It gives the satisfaction of touching without the fear of getting a whack in the head. But of course, this should be within the bounds of friendship. It is way of getting to touch the girl without being suspected of doing harm.

It is also often done to show affection. When a guy wants to make you laugh, they tend to resort to doing this thing because this is the fastest way to do so. We all know girls are ticklish so men love to take advantage of that.

Tickling should be kept within bounds unless you want to get into trouble for doing so.

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