Why do Guys like skinny girls?


Why do Guys like skinny girls?

First of all, this topic is debatable depending on the definition of the word skinny’. For me, skinny can be defined as being underweight and looking sickly or not fitting for their size like looking at an Anorexic patient. Although not all, but I guess a majority of men wouldn’t prefer to date a woman who looks like a teenager or worse, a walking skeleton.

I do not think that all guys prefer skinny girls. Contrary to popular belief, I think only a few men like them. They like skinny but not too skinny. As a woman, I prefer using the term thin’ or slim and fit’ instead of skinny’ when describing a man’s ideal physique in a woman. If that were the case then I can safely say that most men like women who have meat in their bones instead of pure bones. Almost all men like girls with curves. According to some of them, they prefer to date girls with figure not a stick figure.

In reality, a woman’s natural physique can really add up to her attractiveness. A well-toned body enhances her femininity and confidence thus men find this aspect quite important.

We need to understand that like us, men have different tastes when it comes to choosing women. Some like plump girls while some prefer lean meat with curves. There are also some men who prefer looking at the inside rather than a woman’s outside appearance. But to sum it all up, they prefer meat rather than bones.

But I am not saying that all skinny women are ugly. There are skinny women who still look beautiful because their weight is proportional to their height. I guess if we stick to my definition of skinny, you know what I mean.

Knowing this, I guess it’s much safer to say that men like slim girls who have well-toned figure not too skinny and not too fat. Just enough meat to enhance those curves.

In conclusion, men prefer women with healthy bodies regardless of size. But, as a woman, all you need to do to become attractive is to be yourself and have confidence in the way you look. Stay healthy, keep your body in shape and be happy with it.

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3 Responses

  1. yeah

    June 5, 2011 11:01 pm

    why can everyone just bash fat people,even moderately not anorexic, but when you say most people don’t like this unhealthy, self loathing, torturous ana lifestyle — which they do not– but when u say it you have to get all defensive and go “they are not ugly”… oh yeah, well someone needs to retaliate, they suck

  2. Jim

    July 25, 2011 4:36 am

    There are more loud mouthed jealous fat girls in the world than there are ‘normal sized’ girls. The fatties call the normal sized girls skinny or anorexic, when it is them who dont exercise and eat rubbish.

    They blame skinny girls for not being able to find a man.

    Most men naturally go for thin women, because thin women are hotter. It isnt rocket science.

  3. Bob Cross

    February 27, 2012 6:38 am

    There is an epidemic of Obesity in the UK, and one in three people are overweight. Justy look around. How many plus thirty year old women are physically attractive? Is it any wonder that men look abroad for wives and lovers!


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