Why do Grapes kill dogs?

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Why do Grapes kill dogs?

It is believed that grapes are harmful to dogs. But, there is no exact reason discussed by anyone confidently about the danger of grapes for dogs. It is evidently said that grapes that are grown without using pesticides are also harmful to dogs. This is found to be applicable to few dogs and not to all dogs and at all times. It is also not clear that small quantities when consumed for long duration will show negative effect or not.

It was observed that dogs which consume grapes suffer from acute kidney failure. Acute represents severe and abrupt illness. The dogs will not be able to excrete toxins out of their body and also cannot excrete urine. The ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center has come forward to conduct studies on the effect of grapes on dogs. They conducted their research on 140 animals in which one-third exhibited vomiting and kidney failure. Seven dogs died due to severe illness. There might be few cases in which there was absolutely no harm to the dogs by eating grapes. But, this center suggested everyone to keep the dogs away from grapes until they come out with the facts.

Grapes are found to be poisonous to dogs very much, if taken in large quantities. Many people who have pet dogs and who have tried feeding them two or four grapes very rarely might not have a big problem. Probably the tannins present in grapes might be responsible for the toxicity. Making the dog to ingest activated charcoal will clean the toxins released by grapes in the GI tract of the dog. Apart from grapes, chocolate, raw onions, macadamia nuts and so on are also observed to be harmful to dogs. But, there were situations experienced by some people with their pet dogs that their dogs ate 3 feet of vine bunch and did not fall sick at all. This tells us that grapes are not dangerous to all dogs every time.

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