Why Do Gauges Smell?

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Why Do Gauges Smell?

Gauges smell if they are not cleaned properly and regularly. Dead skin cells and bacteria thrive on that part of the body and without proper cleaning it will really give a foul odor. Ear gauges for example can be difficult to clean at times. The smell can be too much for ‘sensitive, people and the only way to clean them is by the use of organic materials and soap.

Since body skin is constantly exposed to the different elements of the outside world (and from within) they accumulate a lot of dirt, bacteria and even soap buildup when not washed properly. When all of these are combined with body oil and dead skin cells it gives off a smell that you wouldn’t even think (or dream) you possess.

Gauges are not limited to the ears, although it is the most known piercings in the body and is useful for different earrings and accessories. Some people take it to the extreme and pierce their nose, tongues, belly button and even the most sensitive part of their bodies.

Experts believe that the smell varies on the type of jewelries you plug your ear gauge with. Whether it be glass, plastic or metal it still have different effects from person to person. We know that some people like to have gauges to go with the flow or to impress other people. People that have different accessories on their piercings make them feel unique and cool at times.

Piercings date back since ancient times and has been accepted by different culture, traditions and religions worldwide. Even the most remote of tribes and natives have their own style of piercings and gauges. If you’re planning on getting a piercing, you should be responsible and clean it regularly for your own good. Don’t just make your ear look cool. Make it smell nice as well.

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