Why do fur coats shed?

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People that have fur coats sourced from various animals like rabbits and foxes for example have noticed that the fur actually sheds off over time.  Some people experience shedding in high-friction areas like the elbow and the neck areas.  Others meanwhile experience general fur shedding with all areas seemingly getting thinner and thinner.

One main reason for the shedding of fur coats is improper storage and maintenance.  Natural furs literally need to have some moisture in order for it to stay intact and health.  Since the fur coat is sourced from nature, people must also keep in mind that they should also treat their coats the way nature does.  As with human skin, the skin in fur coats should also be kept as healthy as possible in order to keep the fur healthy in all spots and places.  One thing that people can do is to get the right advise when it comes to storage.  Storing fur coats in very hot and dry places is said to accelerate the shedding.  Too much exposure to cold weather could also damage fur coats and result to shedding.  For best results, people may need to seek professional help in terms of fur coat storage.

It is also common for shedding to occur in high-friction parts of the fur coat. When the shedding is friction related, people may need to be very careful whenever they are using their coats.  When fur coats are worn, one must be mindful in where they sit at or how they carry other items like bags.  When there is too much friction on the fur coat, shedding is expected to occur.  There are also cases when the shedding is basically a process of nature.  Some strands of fur are expected to shed off over time and in order to protect their coats, owners may need to have them checked and/or repaired by the experts regularly.

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