Why do feet sweat?

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The feet smell due to the formation of sweat. One foot can produce around one pint of sweat per day. The sweat consists of water and salt. The sweat does not have any distinct smell that is unique for it. The smell for the sweat is developed by the bacteria that are present on the skin which feed on the sweat. The waste that is excreted by the bacteria on the skin after feeding on the sweat gives off a strong smell. The presence of bacteria on the skin will not generate any smell. When bacteria eat the sweat, it generates a smell that is noticeable. The sweat will attract the bacteria and allow them to eat the sweat.

Sweating is normal all over the body, but there are certain places where sweating is more. The hands will sweat more as the hands consist of greater number of sweat glands. Most of the regions of the body that sweat do not stink except for in the case of the feet and armpits especially. The feet sweat probably due to the people wearing shoes and socks. The sweat that is excreted by the hands will get evaporated easily into the air while the sweat that gets collected on the feet and in the socks cannot escape. The bacteria appear to like the dark and wet feet and love to feed on the sweat that is collected  there. When the shoes are taken off, the bad smell that is observed is all from the excretion of the bacteria. Due to the difference in physiological characteristics of people, some people sweat more profusely in their feet region than others. So they generate much more odor. The condition of excessive sweating of the feet is called  “plantar hyperhidrosis.” This condition varies from one person to another based on the physiological conditions of the body.

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