Why do egyptians believe in afterlife?

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Why do egyptians believe in afterlife?

Egyptians are strong believers in afterlife. This belief can be traced back to the myth of the existence of gods and goddesses, who were believed to control the life of humans on Earth. Because Egyptians believed in the rule of divine kingship, the concept a king’s death is attributed to the god of the underworld, Osiris and the concept of proclaiming a new king is attributed to Osiris’ offspring, Horus. Their belief system of a soul was that each individual possessed two. One soul, known as ka, accompanied the body throughout life. After death, ka departed from the body and entered into the realm of the dead. The ka could not exist without the body and every effort was made to preserve the corpse through mummification.

However, life after death is not guaranteed, considering the beliefs and myths that Egyptians strongly believe in. Gaining immortality after one’s death does not simply go by being judged whether one belongs to heaven or hell. In ancient Egypt, immortality entails proving oneself to be worthy of the life immortal in the land of Osiris. If proven otherwise, one is placed in non existence. Afterlife is one belief that Egyptians strongly and divinely believed in because they were given facts of its ancient history how critical it is to live on Earth in order to live a life after death. Since this belief has been handed down from Egypt’s ancient beginnings, it still firmly exists until today.

Because of this concept, Egyptians live their life with the ultimate goal of having an excellent afterlife more than how one’s life has been lived on Earth. During their life on Earth until the time of their death, Egyptians engage into practices and behaviors that only praise the god of life.

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  1. Tarek Arafa

    April 30, 2012 1:17 pm

    I am an Egyptian, i’ve lived in Egypt my Whole life and i have never met anyone who believes in the Ancient Afterlife concepts, yes they do believe in afterlife but just like anyone else knows that they’ll go to either Heaven or Hell. please correct this because it is very clear that the writer is confused and does not know a thing about Egypt in the 21 first century..


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