Why do Eggs Explode in the Microwave?

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Why do Eggs Explode in the Microwave?

Eggs are very easy and simple to cook whether you would love it to be boiled or fried. However, cooking particularly boiling an egg in your microwave oven can never be possible. It is because of the fact that once you boil an egg in your microwave, the tendency is that, it will explode. Therefore, you really have to prepare your pan and cook it in a natural way.

After all, microwave is best for re-heating and cooking other foods that requires too much amount of heat to be cooked, and eggs is not a kind of food that requires that. It requires minimal heat to be cooked and you must abide to this because overcooked eggs can also cause various health conditions.

Another main reason why eggs explode in microwave oven is that it penetrates its shell and heats its content very quick. Contents of an egg mostly consist of water; therefore if it is on heat then it will start to boil. If it boils then it will probably cause pressure inside it forcing it to explode.

It is not that hard to boil or cook an egg in various ways. Even an elementary student can do it as long as they are well guided by their parents and guardians in kitchen chores. This only means that the need to cook or boil an egg in microwave ovens is really not that vital or indispensable.

All you have to do is to be well guided and responsible enough in the kitchen so you can avoid such situations. Once an egg explodes in your microwave oven, it can possibly cause minor accidents. Thus, even if it is just minor, you still have to be cautious enough when it comes to safety, not to mention the fact tat microwave oven is electronically operated.

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