Why Do Donkeys Kick?

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Donkeys have been domesticated for as long as memory and records can reveal. They have provided numerous invaluable services to humans, particularly carrying loads. These animals have also been domesticated for the mere fact that they can be taught to learn a number of things thus improving the quality of their services and company.

In developing nations, many people still domesticate donkeys with the sole purpose of providing transportation. Even with a presumably rough donkey, a little injection of some training can help the owner achieve a lot in terms of discipline and service.

However, numerous people have digressing opinion about donkeys. Yes, this is the lot that knows donkeys as thankless animals that kick all, including the master. In fact, there is a Kiswahili saying that goes: Ahsante Ya Punda ni Mateke, which means “donkey thanks by kicking”. Could you be having the same kind of feeling? If so, why do donkeys kick?

There are a number of reasons why donkeys kick. According to several researches on the psychology of a donkey, they are known to kick as a way to play. This happens when they become hyper and feel the need to release some energy.

Some of the other reasons why donkeys would kick are to lessen pain from an injury around the hoof or as a way to communicate some message. Donkeys could also kick when they are tired, but are still being given loads to carry or forced to move farther distance.

Keeping the donkey therefore requires taking good care of it and self. When they are taught to stop kicking regularly, they begin to change the habit and look for other ways to express themselves and release energy. Like that, they become very friendly. They become a great source of invaluable service to the owner.

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