Why do Deer blow?

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Why do Deer blow?

Normally when we go to the deer stand and suddenly the deer blows and disappear, it means that the people over there were giving some wrong indication. Generally, deer ‘blow’ when they are shocked and would like to show the sign to other deer that something wrong is going on there. The deer were studied to be secreting something from the glands when they are alarmed or shocked. The glands that are situated in the back legs due to their secretions communicate with the other deer that are away from that area. If anyone tries to reach the stand from wrong direction, deer blow rapidly. Deer blow when they smell or sense something odd. Deer also ‘blow’ when they feel nervous and frightened.
The deer expels out air from the nostrils in the form of a big sneeze. The deer blow when any danger is identified from a long distance. Deers blow repeatedly and are heard as whooshes”. When the deer starts to run making a small sound then it is called as snort. These sounds appear as warning to the other deer that something is wrong. The sneeze that comes out of the nasal passage will clear it and allow the animal to smell comfortably. The blows of the deer make a different sound which surprises the predator coming to that area. The blows will tell the predator to understand that this location is mine and it is necessary that the predator has to move away from there.
The buck follows the deer which makes long and low grunts and blows. Normally, a deer which wants to frighten the other deer of higher rank will try to threaten it. This threatening is done in order to solve the problems among themselves and not to create one. The fighting continues when none of them gives up. Blowing is also considered as one of the similar actions and it is done by the deer to communicate with the other deer.

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