Why Do Cuts Itch?

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Why Do Cuts Itch?

Cuts itch because of the body reaction caused by histamine. Histamine is a body chemical which is responsible for the itchiness of every cut that we experience once in a while when we are cut by a sharp object. Now let us try to know what is this body chemical or fluid which causes the cut to itch?
Well, histamine is a body substance which is usually produced by our bodies once it is cut, namely and more specifically our skin which eventually causes allergy once it has been released by our body. Histamine therefore is the one to blame for the itchiness itself of our cut. Because of histamine we will always feel the discomfort and the unusual itchy feeling in our wound or cut.

Thus, the fact that there is this body chemical which causes our skin to itch once it get cut, we should therefore not worry if we feel the itchiness because it is part of the body system. In other words, this is just but a normal feeling that we undergo every time it gets cut. Normally, every time we get cut and feel itchy, we are sometimes if not always tempted to scratch it which may eventually cause more damage and even infection. If the itchiness persists, we cannot help therefore but to scratch it lightly to heavily just to feel satisfied in view of the itchiness.

It is interesting to note that if you feel itch the moment your skin has been cut by a knife maybe, be reminded that there might have been bacteria or virus which may enter into your body through the skin which got cut. Thus you must immediately treat it with the necessary available ointment such as betadine in order to control not only the itchiness but the infection most importantly.

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  1. Tom

    April 23, 2012 7:07 pm

    I use african shea-tree butter(shea butter) as an antihistamine
    in itchy places, caused by skin injuries as they heal. I just got it last week. . . it works beautifully, is natural and has emmolient properties, Softens the skin, relieves dryness, and has a nice effect on wrinkles, ( makes them look not so negative or so much like a deterioration. It’s not a drug, or an expensive ointment
    it’s much better than cocoa butter. I got flea bites and it helped better than benadryl or cortisone. They get shea butter form the nut of the tree, and it has no expiration date.
    I bought it in the cosmetic store where they sell shampoo powder, and beauty aids.


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