Why do cucumbers turn yellow?

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The cucumbers in the garden are observed to be turning yellow and orange which is very common. There are many reasons for the cucumbers to become yellow. Some of the cucumber types, like lemon cucumbers, are known to have a yellow skin. The major reason for the cucumbers to get converted into yellow is that they are totally ripe. The cucumbers that have ripened beyond their limit are observed to be wrinkled and soft. The fruit that is slowly getting ripening colors will be taken away from the vine. The ripened fruit which has a higher extent of ripeness should be removed from the vine as the new fruit ceases from being produced. The already ripened fruit will have matured seeds in it. The cucumbers which are young and small are selected for picking  the best-quality fruits.

The cucumbers of the slicing variety are found to be six to eight inches in length at the time of maturity, and the cucumbers that are used for pickling are of a smaller size of two to four inches long. The large quantity of water in the cucumber is required for keeping the fruit crisp and juicy. The increase in water content in the cucumber is found to change the color of them to yellow. Cucumbers are easy to be grown in places where the soil is well drained. The cucumbers will not tolerate the water that results from a heavy rain. The intense mulches in the cucumber areas have to be discarded if they are managed under a wet growing season.

The hearty growth for cucumbers need large amounts of organic material. The soil quality which is poor might lead to the development of yellow-colored fruit. The cucumber plants that are susceptible to bacteria and viruses might release the fruits that are yellow in color. The virus that commonly infects  cucumbers is cucumber mosaic virus which will also affect spinach, lettuce, squash, and a few more flowers. Apart from the distorted, small, yellow fruits, cucumber mosaic virus can cause curled and mottled leaves. Therefore, the cucumbers will get transformed to yellow if they are not harvested after they are ripe.

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