Why Do Christians Worship On Sunday?

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Why Do Christians Worship On Sunday?

The Catholic Church has resisted God’s commandment in worshipping on Sundays and keeping the Holy Sabbath. According to the Holy Bible, people must worship God on Saturday, not Sunday. Worshipping in Saturday is Old Covenant’s law. However, New Covenant has been founded and abolished the Old Covenant so it no longer applies. Scriptures taught that God has revealed to his apostles that the principal day of worships is changed from Saturday to Sunday.

The day of rest according to the scriptures is the first day of the week which is Sunday. Acts 20:7 of the bible has documented that the apostles gathered on Sundays for worship. That’s why people nowadays are going to the church every Sunday. They have learned and get used to it since Catholic great ancestors have been worshipping God on first day of the week.

The seventh day is proclaimed an abstraction from ills or a rest day. From this day, knowledge and wisdom has illuminate God’s creations. People, being naturally religious have been trying to follow all the commandments of God believing that they can be settled in paradise in the right time. The Sabbath Day is an obligation and a shadow that has to be fulfilled in the name of Christ. This is the only time God and his people have the opportunity to talk with each other and discuss what happens in reality. Having faith with the Lord and keeping the Sabbath day holy has great impact on a person’s life.

It is also one effective way of following the right path of life. Sunday is the Lord’s day for Christians since the Bible is completely showing the importance of Sunday for Catholics and other versions of Christianism. Living under the Lord’s Day’s observance can definitely create a great relationship status with God. Hearing mass every Sunday is a Catholic tradition that has been followed for thousands of centuries.

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