Why do Christians not celebrate Halloween?

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raven-988218_640Why do Christians not celebrate Halloween?

The Celtics in Ireland celebrate Halloween. The October 31st is called as festival of the dead. The day of Halloween was celebrated by the Celtics and priests as the day which brings change from life to death. The people who carry out witch craft perform the rituals in the night time. They celebrate Halloween in the name of ‘Feast of Samhain,. This is considered as the festival of the dead during which the witches communicate with the dead through different forms of occults or divination.

Christians are not supposed to be participating in any occultic event or divination. In some of the religious verses of Deuteronomy 18, it is given that divination was condemned by God. The Halloween is considered as a time period of transition from life to death. The people who practice occults say that the secrets of life can be studied well by spending in the grave and hearing the message of those who have passed away long back.

The witch craft rituals involve eating an apple at the end of the ritual. According to the Bible eating an apple has brought sin and death in the world. But in witchcraft eating apple represents bringing life. Halloween is given much importance by the schools and they are declaring holiday on this occasion though it is occultic based. Giving importance to Halloween than the Christmas and Easter is really surprising. Halloween signifies the importance of witches, divination and other occultic events. Hence, Christians do not celebrate Halloween.

Most of the Christians do not consider Halloween as part of the religion. The Christians know about the Halloween and think that it is for their fun. It is not harmful for the Christians if they allow the celebration of Halloween without the religious label. The fellow Christians who do not celebrate the Halloween during its festive time are also given importance.

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