Why Do Cells Undergo Mitosis?

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Why do cells undergo mitosis?

The major purpose of occurrence of mitosis is growth and repair. Some of the cells in the body do not undergo cell division like nerve cells and muscle cells. These cells are matured enough that they cannot grow again or undergo repair. The already existing ones in the body can be taken care of. But for an organism to develop from the embryo till the young baby and from the baby to the teenager, the body cells must undergo mitotic cell division. This can happen in an elephant or in a human being. Every one of us might face any type of cut that might occur at any part of the body at sometime or the other. The cells that are present at the peripheral part of the cut start dividing and they will undergo mitosis. Even in the case of broken bones, the mitosis will help them to get healed well. The cells at the edges of the break will undergo mitosis and perform the repair part.

Mitosis is a type of cell division in which the eukaryotic cell will divide the chromosomes in the nucleus of the cell into two parts each of which are adjusted into each of the divided cell. The division of the nucleus will be followed by cytokinesis. Cytokinesis separates the cytoplasm, nuclei, organelles, and cell membrane into two cellular chambers which will get the equal share of all the cellular components.

The mitotic phase of cell cycle constitutes the mitotic cell division as well as the cytokinesis. Mitosis involves division of a mother cell into two daughter cells. Each of these cells will resemble the other as well as the parent in genetical way. In many parts of the body, the cells are regularly replaced by the new cells all through the life of the organism. The damaging cells can be replaced by the mitotic division of the cells. The mitosis will help in the growth of the organism from fetus to an adult human being. The two new cells that are generated every time a cell undergoes mitosis are considered as somatic cells and cannot be utilized in reproduction.

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