Why do CDs come out on Tuesdays?

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Why do CDs come out on Tuesdays?

Most of the big movies that come out each week are released on Fridays, which seems to make the most sense because that’s when people are starting their weekends, but the music industry has to approach release dates a completely different way. This is because people who go out looking for music each week do it during the work week instead of at the end of the week. This and many other things play into why the music industry has such a unique way of releasing their products.

It has been proven that CDs sell better when they are put on the shelves on Tuesdays, so of course this goes into the reasoning for this decision. People will have plenty of time to glisten to all of the music that is on each disc before the weekend starts and then they will know what they like on each album. Tuesday is also a day when stores are not too crowded, so being able to go in and get the music that you want when it first comes out is a convenience that most people like to have available to them.

One of the other main reasons why CDs are released on Tuesdays is because the people who track the stats as to how all of the albums are doing on the charts find is easiest to do it starting on this day of the week. They can update the charts as each week closes because they gather the numbers from Tuesday forward. The system has worked for a long time now because both the record companies and the people who gather the numbers have been able to keep their businesses going at a steady rate.

The music industry has figured out a way to get the most out of their sales, so the Tuesday release date will probably be staying around for a while. Something that works like this usually doesn’t change for no goo reason.

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