Why do bunnies thump?

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Many people have seen their pet rabbits or bunnies thump their legs but most of them don’t know why this is so.  Some bunnies are known to some thumping action while being left alone or while playing with other rabbits.  There are also other rabbits that thump their hind legs after they are picked up their owners.  When animal behavior experts are asked on this subject, most will give out two primary reasons for the rabbit’s thumping behavior.  One reason for the thumping is to give out a warning signal to others when some kind of danger is sensed. Some rabbits thump one of their hind legs while others prefer to thump both legs.  In the latter, the bunny seems to jump off from behind.  When this happens, other bunnies in the area will then take notice and become more vigilant about their surroundings.  The thumping behavior may occur when there is a perceived threat in the vicinity.  In the case of hearing or smelling an incoming cat for example, bunnies tend to thump their feet as a sign of distress.  Along with the thumping, many bunnies also immediately go into hiding to try to protect themselves from possible danger.  Thumping may also occur when rabbits hear strange noises or when they get rattled by something.  Instead of creating sounds through their mouth like other animals do, rabbits and bunnies thump their legs instead.

The second possible reason for thumping in rabbits and bunnies is to signal their displeasure about something.  Whenever they get annoyed by other bunnies or rabbits for example, thumping may be done using one or both hind feet in order to assert disgust or dislike.  For pet bunnies, some may thump their feet after being carried by their owners or other people.  The thumping in this case may be a sign of dislike from the bunnies for being carried by their owners.  some bunnies simply want to be left alone and if they are bothered with their activities, the only way for them to show their disgust is to thump their legs.

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