Why do Boys like girls?


Why do boys like girls?

Boys just absolutely like girls, and mind you, not only like but adore them. I guess it’s a natural instinct for boys to be attracted to the opposite sex, but do you really know the reason behind boys’ attraction to girls?

Girls have simple yet unique, fairy-like graceful movements, whether they are just picking up a pen, taking a book from a bookshelf, walking along the corridors or just the way they turn their heads sideways when someone calls out their name. They glide effortlessly like ballerinas, and boys absolutely love these swaying movements. They don’t really describe it as sexy, but just naturally pretty.

The gleeful youthful laughs and giggles of girls create a very happy rhythm, wafting like sweet melodies to boys’ ears. Their angelic and cute tiny voices fill the air with sheer delight. Boys just love to hear that all the time.

The choice of cologne or shampoo, or any light scent that blends well with the girls’ natural physique just creates a heavenly sweet smell. Boys just couldn’t resist smelling the cute girls out there.

Girls are clean and neat. Boys are just smitten with clean, well pressed shirts, perfectly pleated skirts, and neatly combed or tied hair. Boys always want to sit close to a girl who is polished to perfection.

Nothing beats the morning blues better than seeing a girl with an innocent smile that lights up her face. Bright and sparkling smiles make boys go crazy, and girls just have it – a charming cute smile that will melt boys’ hearts away.

So, let’s try to recall all the things boys like about girls. Graceful movements, gleeful laughs and giggles, sweet scents, neatness and a radiant innocent smile.

If you girls out there have all these qualities in you, boys will surely come running after you.

Author: Joan

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  1. rolf

    February 2, 2015 3:44 am

    she is talking about kids not adults and by lids i mean me to what she sayed is very true i just love all that stuff


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