Why Do Boxers Tape Their Hands?

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Boxers tape their hands to protect them from damage that results from repeated punching, particularly from the damage to tendons, joints, bones and muscles of the hand. Amateur and professional boxers also use a piece of equipment known as hand wraps, which are meant to perform the same protective function that tapes and gauzes are meant for. These wraps are made of cotton and require extra cushion for offering better protection to the hands of the boxers. These protective measures are taken simply because otherwise boxers would severely injure their hands and would be unable to continue with the fighting. Furthermore, taping and wrapping also significantly help in offering stability to the hand and the wrist.

The hand and the wrist have very intricate anatomy and is an amalgamation of several fine bones and tendons. Given the nature of the sport of boxing, the repeated and severe shocks suffered by the hand could take immense physical toll and trauma. Even the thick padding of the boxing glove is not enough to help the boxer withstand the overwhelming trauma the hand suffers in a boxing bout. Still taping, gauze and wrapping the hand only minimizes the shock the hand suffer each time a boxer lands a punch on his opponent or another surface such as a punching bag, despite having hardened up bones through practice.

In case of improper taping and wrapping of the hands, not only will it result in a hindrance to performance, but could also cause or aggravate injury. Improper taping could result in cutting off circulation and could disturb the stability of the wrist. Professional and amateur boxers are familiar with certain techniques of properly taping or wrapping the hand, so that the shock from the punch could be minimized. While there is always room to adjust the wrap or taping, considering the state of your hand, but usually it is done without the wrap feeling too tight or too loose. Boxing trainers can offer the best advice on the proper taping or wrapping for a specific purpose.

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