Why Do Bed Bugs Smell?


Why do bed bugs smell?

Bedbugs smell like sweet and rotten raspberries. The smell they generate is also not possibly detected by the experienced detective. The author of the book “The secret life of words”, has explained in his book that the term coriander is taken from the Greek word called Koris. Koris means the smell of bedbug or a bedbug itself. So, it is the opinion of many people that bedbugs smell like coriander, citronella and cilantro in various intensities. The leaves and seeds when crushed are found to be giving the smell similar to the crushed bedbug. It is the opinion of some people that the smell that comes out of the place where the bedbugs are present is probably due to the liquid feces of the bedbug. Initially, the smell is not sensed by the people. Gradually, the smell is sensed after few months as the smell gradually increases. The room that has several bedbugs growing inside is said to smell as almonds.

If the infestation is very intense, then a minty smell comes out clearly when one enters that area for the first time. Some people smell it as old dirty laundry smell. The smell that is given out by the bedbugs is musky, which is the scent consisting of pheromones that is synthesized by the stink glands of the animal situated in between the stomach and the genitals.

If the bedbugs are crashed, then they give out strong smell. Otherwise, it is very difficult to smell their presence in the room. But, if they are present in large groups then they can be smelt easily. They seem to smell musky when they result in large infestation. The single bug when squished might give the smell of a bug that is stinking. Humans do not have sensitive smelling organs to smell the bedbugs when they are few, unlike dogs that can catch very effectively even a subtle smell.

Author: Hari M

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  1. brenda cottle

    September 17, 2012 12:23 pm

    my question is, when the bedbug are in a large group,and the smell is very strong. can that trigger a person asthma who living around the person who has them?


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