Why Do Authors Use Alliteration?

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Why Do Authors Use Alliteration?

There is no weapon more lethal than words. It is expressed in different ways. And one thing is sure; we have a form of understanding because of words. Authors are the ones gifted with the use of words. They are fond of using alliteration. Why do they use alliteration?

Authors use alliteration to make a composition more poetic. In fact it is commonly used in poems. Alliteration is a figure of speech. It is a tool of writers where they repeat consonants in syllables. It creates rhythm to a composition. It provides rhyming to words that makes it easy to read. The use of alliteration by an author takes readers attention to a particular part of a text.

Writing is not an easy craft. It is a form of information dissemination and a way to express feelings as well. But, for professional writers it is not that easy. They have to follow rules and use figures of speech to make it more effective. Alliteration is just one way of affecting readers. Alliteration helps the words to run smoothly as they are written. With the use of alliteration, the attention of readers is drawn to the used adjectives, verbs and subjects.

When readers read it aloud, having repetitive sound makes it flow easily. It makes it sound like a melody to hear. The piece can appear with verbal appeal. It is a way of making an emphasis. The subject is loudly presented. A word of importance that is directly connected to the writing is highlighted. This can also help authors make a point so that, they can easily convey the message to the readers. A popular author known to be using alliteration in many of his works is Edgar Allan Poe. Writers have different styles of writing. The most important consideration is that, it is easy for readers to grasp.

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