Why do Anorexics drink Diet Coke?

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Why do anorexics drink diet coke?

Anorexia nervosa is one mental condition that persuades an individual, most commonly among teenage women, to think of themselves as ironically overweight. Victims of such disease are termed as anorexics, who obviously appear to be severely underweight. The main problem regarding this mental illness is that the perception of oneself grew and was nourished in a negative manner. History among anorexics reveals that they are induced by the pressures of society and the personal desire to belong. More so, anorexics display behaviors that are unusual to the general norms.

Over many years of study, it has been discovered that most anorexics depend much on drinking diet coke. Anorexics have justified that they prefer to drink diet coke obviously because its label reveal in its nutritional content that diet coke has lesser percent of calories compared to the regular sodas and beverages.

Aside from the reason cited, most anorexics find diet coke fulfilling to the stomach, so the feelings of hunger are covered up and the need of eating is alleviated.

More so, most anorexics rely on the minimal sugar content that diet coke has, since they are very much prone to experiencing dizziness and lightheadedness as manifestations that are closely related to low levels of blood sugar.

And finally, anorexics prefer drinking diet coke over other drinks because they provide a certain kind of taste that stays them in the mouth and evidently makes them feel full and sufficiently nourished, even without actually eating a full meal.

Despite the many programs being established to address the rising number of victims of anorexia nervosa, it remains to be prevalent in many parts of the world, particularly among the adolescents and young adults of the female gender who are pressured by the demands of the society.

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