Why Do Americans Celebrate Thanksgiving?

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Why Do Americans Celebrate Thanksgiving?

Unlike in other countries where Christmas and New Year are the two only much-awaited holidays during the ber months of the year, the United States of America is well known for sensationalizing one more holiday which most of us know as Thanksgiving Day.

For the majority of Americans, Thanksgiving is a perfect time to gather around with family or your closest friends to give thanks for all the blessings that you were showered with for the year. Many of them also think that it is a fabulous time to rejoice the end of school with a long weekend and to have a grand dinner which comprises of a large turkey ball and of course, mashed potatoes, gravy and some more.

So why do Americans celebrate Thanksgiving? This American Christian tradition actually stems back to the year 1623 when one of the States governors proclaims a day of thanksgiving for the Plymouth Pilgrim Colony of Massachusetts to show their gratitude to God for the good harvest that they gathered on November of that same year. Though the occasion was not made official just yet, this ignited the start or the origin of the annual Thanksgiving Day celebration that most Americans celebrate today.

For many years since 1623, the official date as to when thanksgiving is celebrated shifted from one month to another. For each president that rose into office came a different Thanksgiving Day Celebration date. It was only after many years later when historical US President Abraham Lincoln proclaim an annual Thanksgiving Day that is to be celebrated on a national scale every last Thursday of November. To this day, Americans have been recognizing this said occasion as a day of giving thanks to the all mighty God for all the blessings that he has given and showered us throughout the year.

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