Why do albums leak?

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Why do albums leak?

It is reported that for every five or six albums released in United States, at least one of them gets leaked even before it is released. Sometimes the entire album might get leaked a week or a day or hours before its release which would be a worst case. Album leaking is a headache to the record executives as well as majorly the musicians.

It has to be accepted that any movie, album or software cannot remain ‘unopened’ before its release. If something has to be released on a date, it could have been sent outside long before its release. The CDs have to be sent to the CD production center which has to make the same copies in large numbers. The CD production center has to have the mother copy before it can make several copies of it. The seller has to get few copies before its release date in order to sell them on release date.

When the original copy reaches the CD making centers, there will be lot of chance for the movie or album to get leaked. When the incomplete movie data undergo preproduction release as an incomplete product, another kind of leak may occur here. Jack White’s Icky Thump which was to be released on May 30th, 2007 was played by the Radio station Q101, about three weeks earlier. The DJ Electra team of this center has played it entirely long before its release.

The album that has to be in the newspapers, magazines, TV rooms, stores and radio stations on the day of its release will reach the public much earlier. This might be due to some person working in the radio station or someone close to the concerned group in the music industry or probably due to someone in the press location. Unauthorized file sharing also is one of the reasons for this mishap. Many file types like YouSendIt, Megaupload, and rapid share are the programs that aid in uploading the whole album in one go, as zipped file. Many bulletin boards and Live journal groups have access for the albums to download. Sending of promotional copies by the artists, journalists can also result in leak.

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