Why do actors have stage names?

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Why do actors have stage names?

Stage names are the names of any actor, actress or any other famous person which is not the actual name that was given to him/her by born. These names are mainly derived later to catch the attention of a larger community and get noticed. There are many actors, actresses as well as famous persons from worldwide who are being observed as doing such kind of thing. Curiosity might question of reasons behind having such kind of names. The reasons behind having a stage name vary from person to person. But there are some common fact that lurks behind having stage names.

Actors are the lead of an artistic piece (Cinema) which in modern days is mainly created for the purpose of business. As long as the business goes well, the actor is to survive with a pride. The moment the business drops, something happens. Though real art never dies, nowadays it might get forgotten for a time being. And all the actors face such kind of insecurity deep inside themselves. Some might have names that they find backdated or names that doesn’t suit them according to their class, or the industry might need something catchy to flush an actor near the fans. In such cases out of a pride or for a business reason or for some conducts of certain actor, either they give themselves a stage name or it is being given by a group and later gets popular in that name.

There might have been a wholesome of reasons behind a particular actor’s having a stage name but the main point remains the same more or less. And these are the above terms.

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