Why Do Aborigines Stand on One Leg?

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Why Do Aborigines Stand on One Leg?

It is believed that Australian Aborigines has a way of communicating with opposite sex by standing on one leg. Either they are married or not, standing using your left leg means that you are with someone. And if you are standing with your right leg, it means that you are the male. In that way, people can easily determine even half a mile away if it is worth the walk.

Australians of this century used to preserve this custom and tradition of native Australian Aborigines. There are particular instances that standing on one leg is being practiced. In some festivals, they are showing this act to let the people of Australia remember this tradition. The ancient females, even males are wearing long dresses and colorful handkerchiefs cover their faces. So if couples are together, it is easily determined who the man is by looking at their legs.

It is a very strange revelation from the natives but having a common belief makes their relationship stronger. Even this can be very simple, it makes Australian intact. It also shows that they can have the same goals in life since they are giving out same ideas with each other. Like the Kuku Nyungkal people, group of Aboriginal Australians, they share the common social descent which came from their ancestors. This act has been transmitted from generation to generation.

For this belief, Australians became popular all over the world. Different tribes have also adopted this custom. After centuries have passed, there are a lot of researchers who dig the real reason of standing on one leg and discovered that the main reason is as simple as that. Weird but interesting. Having this kind of tradition is just one of a kind. This made them considerably famous in the world of history. It may be simple, but it is the most unique tradition that people have inherited from their ancestors.

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