Why Hitler Hated Jews?

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Antisemitism, Scapegoat, Holocaust – Adolf Hitler; this scary combination are the remnants to the frightening age of the World War II. It is an infamously known fact that Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party hated Jews. But ever wondered why? Jews were the easy scapegoats given their inferiority to the other religions. Hitler used the blame game against Jews as they were easy to be ‘singled out’.

Fact 1: Political insecurity is one of the obvious and apparent reasons for Hitler’s Antisemitism. The political mind of Hitler saw the increasing numbers of the Jews as a threat; as they were in the political spectrum in significant numbers; and their presence was since an age which rightfully can be termed as antiquity; note well, Karl Marx.

Fact 2: Though Hitler can be justifiably and reasonably be blamed for the Holocaust which was the near extermination of Jews – the reason he was so readily believed goes back to almost 2000 years’ animosity between the Christians and the Jewish. The cultural rivalry among the two religions played a pivotal role in the excessive aggression and violence.

Fact 3: Hitler’s close friend, who once lived with him before the war times, was a Hungarian Jewish man, Joseph Neumann. There are also leaked statements of those who knew Hitler before Nazism, claiming that Hitler and Neumann spent quality time together in museums and sightseeing around Vienna. Following this astounding little detail of his life, many feel Hitler’s hatred for Jews was more of a calculated approach than a deeper emotion.

Fact 4: Hitler was an infamous non-practising Christian, having being born to a Catholic mother. As he used the hatred towards Jews as his political propaganda, it can be construed that his personal abhorrence, though in bits and pieces, stemmed from his cultural background and Catholic teachings.

Fact 5: Hitler’s take on Social Darwinism can also be termed as a reason for his hatred towards Jews. According to him, Jews were not fully evolved and were elusive of many traits of a civilized man.

Fact 6: The speculation being ripe for ages as to why Hitler hated Jews, he left no stone unturned in sowing the seed of hatred deep in the heart of Germany. He did so by convincing Germans that the reason behind their loss in the first war is because they were ‘stabbed in the back’ by Jews.

Fact 7: According to many scholars, Hitler showed signs of atheism. However, an extensive and deep study on his personality would reveal that Hitler held many hysterical beliefs including Fate and also God. His statement;

Hence today I believe that I am acting in accordance with the will of the Almighty Creator: by defending myself against the Jew, I am fighting for the work of the Lord.”

; is one of the many revealing expressions justifying his fight against the Jewish by using Godly reasoning.

Fact 8: The ideology of ‘master race’ was a conception during Hitler’s time, which stated that the Aryan race was the ideal and pure white race. Propagating this ideology added to the resentment towards Jews.

Fact 9: Adolf Hitler’s family tree shows bleak Jewish involvement; his grandmother reportedly working as a cook for a wealthy Jewish family; his father, Alois, an illegitimate son and a possible Jewish. This is said to be the source of Hitler’s embarrassment and can further be congruent to his deep rooted hatred, if any.

Fact 10: It is no secret that the one thing Hitler had developed immense faith in, was himself. His statements like the ‘end sanctions the means’, and so on, prove his conviction toward every ideology he executed. His anti-Jew mindset, though morally erroneous, was the product of his unshakable self belief.

Author: Harshada Morey

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