Why Britney and Justin broke up?

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Why did Britney and Justin break up?

Everybody adored the couple Britney Spears and Justin Timberland, whose relationship, as everybody believed, was made in heaven. Or maybe, made in The New Mickey Mouse Club? This is the show where the couple met in the early 90’s when both were still sweet innocent 10 or 11 year olds.

The couple started dating when they were reunited in Nsync’s concert, in 1998, where Britney was the opening act. They instantly became Hollywood’s glitziest couple, and everybody wanted a piece of their love story.

For a relationship built on solid chemistry between two pre-teenagers, we thought their innocent young love will lead to a happily ever after relationship. Nobody expected that their love story will end so soon. Sadly, Britney and Justin broke up after 2 Ã’šÃ‚½ years. A lot of speculations were made. Britney was allegedly caught dating dancer Wade Robinson, while Justin Timberlake was reported to be seeing an unidentified brunette.

In July 2006, Justin Timberlake openly admitted they broke up because of Britney Spears’ dishonesty and disloyalty towards the relationship. He said that although he was really smitten, and fell in love at first sight with Britney during their ‘The New Mickey Mouse Club’ stint, it wasn’t enough to hold on to the relationship that was destroyed by her cheating. He also added that while she had the chance to fight for him to save the relationship, it never happened. No effort was made on Britney’s part.

He also confirmed that he poured out his frustrations by writing the song ‘Cry me a river’. The song is about him moving on and letting the girl (Britney) know the painful truth so she can cry over it this time. It was his revenge-tribute to the girl he once loved.

Justin and Britney have now both taken paths of their own, but their once innocent love remains in the hearts of those who believed in them.

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