Why are owls considered wise?

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Owls are very popular species of birds because of their huge eyes and their so-called reputation of being very smart and wise. Birds in general are thought to be very intelligent with some species thought of having equal intelligence to mammals. Owls meanwhile are not really the most intelligent of birds and this has led to many people questioning the idea of branding the owls as wise birds. When the experts are asked on this subject, most of them will point to the owl’s abilities especially during the night. Owls are gifted with huge eyes that are said to be one of the best in terms of night vision. Their eyes are said to be laser-sharp making them very effective against their prey during night time. Owls also have large ears with tufts that are very sensitive when it comes to hearing. Their hearing ability is considered crucial to their survival against possible predators like snakes. With laser-like vision and impeccable hearing abilities, owls are often considered very wise as they can easily catch prey and protect themselves from danger at night. With these abilities, owls are then likened to the wise elders of the previous generations.

There are also other stories involving owls as associated to the Greek goddess of wisdom, Athena. This particular character was known to be accompanied by owls in several stories in Greek mythology and since Athena is considered the goddess of wisdom, the owls are also associated to wisdom. With this kind of association to the old myth, owls are thought of as very wise and smart even up to modern times. Depending on how people define what is wise or smart, the owl’s impressive vision and hearing abilities or its association to Greek mythology is enough for people to think that they are indeed wise animals.

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