Why are Muslims so Sensitive?


Muslim WomanWhy are Muslims so Sensitive?

Islam is the second largest religion in the world and it is one of the most misinterpreted one too because of the many misconceptions about it by people especially in the west. Racial discrimination and stereotyping has a lot to do with this.

Muslims are those that follow Islam. It is said that they are very sensitive to the point of defending what they believe in even if it means their death. However, just like any other religious group, they do not want their beliefs to be ridiculed or insulted. You would not want someone mocking what you believe in would you?

Muslims are very sensitive where their beliefs and religion is concerned. They try to live by the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad. Learning the Qur’an is an important aspect of their lives because it is here that all the teachings are written. They are guided by the writings found in it. Islam is more than just a religion to follow it is their way of life.

This is why a lot of people perceive Muslims to be overly sensitive about everything. Even with food, they have a way of preparing it according to their customs. If it is not Halal, they will not have it. They will even ask what kind of oil is used to cook a French fry in. This is one of the things that to other people make them so sensitive.

Clothing, activities and even the way they interact with other people especially the opposite sex is in accordance to the teachings of the elders. You must not react negatively when faced with a Muslim telling you how to do things especially when you are in their country. They like to co-exist peacefully with non-Muslims too. They are just asking you to respect their traditions and customs.

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  1. Laura

    September 9, 2010 7:56 pm

    Thats not at all why westerners think muslims are overly sensitive. The reason why is when Family Guy depicts Jesus Christ and God continuously as these two guys trying to pick up girls at a bar, the Christian community doesn’t give any death threats (They hardly even react). Yet when Muhammed is portrayed, the whole cast of family Guy has to go undercover and rip the episode of the air for fear of their lives.

    I had a Muslim friend and the first time I said anything against Islam she called me a satanist and no longer talks to me.
    If they really liked to co exist peacefully then why does the Qu’ran tell its’ followers to implement Sharia Law world wide? Thats not co existing, thats trying to get your religion in a position of power.

    • aminah

      December 22, 2010 5:08 am

      ok, i know the last response to this was a few months ago but whatever. @laura, u r misinformed. so was ur friend im sorry to say. islam is a religion that doesnt suggest peace but actually the base of the word islam means peace and we r required to treat people with kindness and respect regardless of their faith. as far as forcing islam on others or insulting them or condemning them for lack of faith this is CLEARLY FORBIDDEN several places in the holy Quran. it clearly says let there be no compulsion in religion. and also to say to the unbelievers to u be your religion and to me be mine. this however does not mean we will agree or condone what is wrong according to GODS WORD. but this is not unique to islam. all the religions of the One true God(Islam,Judaism,Christianity) teach to enjoin good and forbid evil. thats simple morality. also its important when u use the term sharia u understand that many of the barbaric and ridiculous laws now termed shariah law have no scriptual basis and most islamic laws as far as modest dress, dietary laws etc are in the bible as well and until recently were adhered to by christians(some still do) its also worth mentioning we are to abide by the laws of the land we r in as long as its within the limits of what is permissible for us(extreme example would be like if the law of a certain country required polytheism, consuming intoxicants or fornicating then of course we couldnt follow those laws). a reason we may be viewed as overly sensitive is, consider an american muslim like myself. upon accepting islam ive had to on a daily basis answer the same questions(not genuine ones but accusatory or flat out stupid ones like do u sleep in that scarf? do u hate america/christians/jews? how can u be muslim if ur not arab/black? do u bellydance ?) i get dirty looks, insults for no reason, random hateful msgs online. how would u feel if u were alienated in your own country because people are too lazy to do their own research. they would rather lie on innocent people than to give any merit to a religion beside their own. there are actually people who pretend to be ex muslims to incite hate on us. we r depicted by so called reputable news stations as oppressed(tho islam is the only religion which scriptually grants women rights and the bible is far more oppresive) if any of u would cut off the t.v and go to an islamic site geared to teach muslims ud see the truth of what we teach and learn from eabh other and what we feel and believe towards non believers. also if half the holiday christians would learn their bible ud see theres much worse found in those texts. but again if u had to spend ur days defending urself. u may become a little sick of it as well. peace, aminah

      • Larry Silverstein

        January 22, 2014 11:36 am



        Many people, (Muslims, as well as non Muslims, believe that once they have died they will remain at peace in their burial chamber until Allah raises them up on the resurrection day for the final judgment. They have little idea that Islamic activities on humans do not end with their death. In this episode we will learn how Allah will not let you go scot free, leave you in peace, even when your corpse has been laid inside a grave. If you are a non Muslim you really will have a horrible time once inside your grave.


        Allah says in verse 22:7 that the day of resurrection is a certainty. He will raise all those who are in graves. Allah repeats the same theme in many other verses, such as 36:78 80. We may wonder as to how Allah will raise us from our graves when our flesh and bones have turned into soil.
        In several verses of the Qur’an Allah provides answer to this perplexing question.
        In verse 7:57 Allah says that He sends the winds to carry the heavily laden clouds to fall as rain in a dead land to produce agriculture. Ibn Kathir extends this act of Allah to include the regrowth of humans from fertile soil. He writes that Allah will send rain for forty days; corpses will be brought up to their graves just like seeds are sown; this will be the resurrection of the dead. Allah confirms this in verse 30:25, saying: because Heavens and the earth are in His disposal; when He calls out the dead, people will rise from beneath the soil (graves). Jalalyn interprets this verse that this will happen when Israfil blows the Horn.
        Then Allah says in verse 36:51 that when the trumpet sounds, people will run from graves to Him. Ibn Abbas explains this verse stating that they emerge from their graves and proceed towards their Lord. According to Jalalyn this is the Horn at the second Blast for the Resurrection [to take place]; between the two Blasts is an interval of forty years.
        To remove confusion from this Islamic cultivation of human bodies in soil of graves, Ibn Kathir maintains that the inhabitants of the graves are neither in this world nor in the world hereafter, and they will stay there (in the graves) until the day of resurrection (23:100). When Allah wishes to resurrect the bodies, He will send rain from beneath the Throne, which will cover the whole earth, and the bodies will grow in their graves like seeds grow in the earth (35:9).
        In verse 54:7 Allah says that the unbelievers eyes will be humbled; they will run from their graves like locusts scattered (also see 101:4). Verse 82:1–5 says that Allah will cleave the sky asunder, scatter the stars, and turn the graves upside down.

        A hadis in Sunaan Tirmidhi (45) says that a grave is a horrible place. It is the first stage in the resurrection process.
        Have you ever thought about the affairs of the person freshly buried in a grave? Most of us will have no clue as to what befalls the dead person once the funeral is over, the person laid to rest under soil, and the mourners depart.
        Here is what Allah does to a freshly dead, buried corpse:
        Once people have buried a dead, and start departing, the dead man listens to the sounds of the shoes of his relatives after they have put him in his grave (Sahih Muslim, 40.6863). Sunaan Abu Dawud (2.20.3225) writes that a dead man, when placed in a grave, hears the stepping sound of his departing companions.
        Further, in Sunaan Abu Dawud (3.40.4734) we read that when a man is placed in his grave and his friends leave him, he hears the beat of their sandals; then two angels come and speak to him. Sunaan Tirmidhi (50) writes that upon burial in a grave, a Muslim will rise up, see the setting sun and offer prayer.
        Obviously, we should have no doubt about the fate of the unbeliever’s corpse, as he will not offer any Islamic prayer.
        Angel Delight
        Sahih Muslim (40.6862) writes that after the burial in the grave, and after the mourners have left the burial site, two angels enter the grave and ask the dead person regarding Allah and Muhammad. If he were a non Muslim he would be shown his seat in hell fire. Once the angels are satisfied that the corpse is that of a Muslim, they expand the grave of the believer to seventy cubits, and he will be shown his place in paradise. Sahih Bukhari (2.23.450, 451) further explains, in connection with verse 14:27, that the dead man sits up in his grave and the angels talk to him about Allah and Muhammad.
        The names of those two angels who interrogate the freshly buried corpse are Munkar and Nakir. In Sunaan Tirmidhi (44) we get a description of these two angels of graves. This hadis says that Munkar and Nakir, the two angels of grave, have black faces and blue eyes. They will question a Muslim in his grave. When satisfied with the answers regarding Muhammad and Islam, these angels will increase the volume of the Muslim’s grave to 4900 cubic feet, light the grave, and instruct the Muslim to have a peaceful sleep. For a hypocrite his gravesides will be squeezed so much so, that his bones are crushed.
        Here are a few more ahadith to understand what Allah does to a corpse once it is inside a grave:
        § A person will be raised in the same very state in which he had died…(Sahih Muslim, 40.6878)
         When a Muslim is questioned in his grave he testifies that there is no god but Allah, and Muhammad is Allah’s messenger. It is written in the Qur’an in 14:27…(Sunaan Abu Dawud, 3.40.4732)
         Munkar and Nakir, the two terrible angels, will make a dead person sit up with his soul and body (in grave) and ask him questions about his religion and his prophet. This is the first examination after death…(Ghazali, p.1.1010)


        Many people (including many moderate Muslims) will find it impossible to believe that Allah will torment them in their graves. However, Allah is merciless when He deals with the unbelievers. Ghazali (p.1.117) writes that belief in the punishment of grave is compulsory. Malik’s Muwatta (16.6.18) says that even a child (infidel, of course) is liable to be tormented in his/her grave.
        Curiously, Muhammad borrowed this concept of Allah’s torment in grave from the Jews of Medina. In verse 40:45 Allah says that He protected the believer (Moses’ disciple) who was in the midst of Pharaoh’s people, but destroyed Pharaoh. On the exegesis of this verse ibn Kathir writes that in the beginning Muhammad denied there would be the punishment in the grave. Later, when he heard from a Jewish woman when she told Aisha about the punishment in grave, Muhammad changed his mind. Muhammad now insisted that the unbelievers, including the Jews, are tormented in their graves (Sahih Bukhari, 2.23.457).
        Let us first examine the Qur’an about the Islamic torment perpetrated on infidels in their graves.
        Sahih Muslim (40.6861) writes that Muhammad heard the sound of torture of the Jews in their graves.
        Allah says in verse 6:31 that on the resurrection day, the unbelievers will regret when they have to carry their loads on their backs. Ibn Kathir explains this bizarre situation (load) in this manner:

        Every unjust person, upon entering his grave, will meet a man with an ugly face, dark skin and awful odour and wearing dirty clothes; on the resurrection day the unjust person will carry this ugly companion on his back to enter hell.
        Previously, we read that the two angels, Munkar and Nakir, will interrogate the inhabitants of graves. So, this ugly man, with dark skin and terrible body odour, must be another human (an unbeliever, perhaps) who will enter the grave to humiliate the non Muslim buried in his grave.
        In verse 52:47 we read that besides the punishment on the resurrection day, the unbelievers will receive additional punishment. In verse 32:21 Allah specifies this additional punishment. In this verse (32:21) Allah says that He will mete out lighter penalty in this life, before inflicting the supreme penalty hereafter. According to ibn Abbas this lower punishment refers to the punishment of the life of this world: dryness of the land, drought, hunger, assassination, and the punishment of the grave.
        Allah repeats His threat in verse 40:11. In this verse Allah says that the disbelievers will suffer two deaths; they will beg Allah for a reprieve. According to ibn Abbas the first death is when Allah took away their souls [in the life of the world] and the second death refers after Munkar and Nakir had questioned them in their graves.
        While the reason/s to punish the unbelievers in their graves in understandable, it is quite interesting to note that Allah even punishes those Muslims (in their graves), because of their family’s wailing over him (Sahih Muslim, 4.2015, 2018, 2025).
        Sunaan ibn Majah (2.1593) writes that the angels torment a dead body for its relative’s wailing over it.
        We may wonder about the modality of Allah’s torture on the inmates of graves: Here is a summary of how Allah’s angels will carry out the torment.
         Ninety-nine poisonous dragons bite a non-Muslim in his grave; the dragons breathing air will destroy all verdure on earth… (Sunaan Tirmidhi, 46)
         When a man is placed in his grave the angel comes to him and asks him questions regarding his faith. An infidel is given a blow between his ears with an iron hammer… (Sunaan Abu Dawud, 3.40.4733)
         Muhammad said, “The punishment of an unbeliever is that, in his grave ninety-nine serpents will be biting him and each serpent will have seven heads. This will continue up to the Resurrection Day.”… (Ghazali, p.4.4150)


        Just as the infidels will undergo excruciating torment in their graves, Allah has reserved much reward for Muhammad’s ardent followers.
        We had already noted that the angels of graves (Munkar and Nakir) would expand the size of a Muslim’s grave, and light the grave once they are satisfied with the interrogation. There are more rewards for the Muslims in their graves, such as:
        Die on a Friday or on a Thursday night, and you will not face the torment of grave… (Sunaan Tirmidhi, 414)
        When a Muslim is buried, the grave will expand its dimension to infinity and show the dead Muslim the door of paradise; for an infidel, the grave will squeeze and seventy dragons will take charge of the infidel… (Sunaan Tirmidhi, 1429)
        While on a journey, a Muslim man’s pregnant wife died but her child was born in a grave. People saw light in her grave. When her grave was dug, they found a child inside the grave playing with the lamp. The child exactly resembled the father… (Ghazali, p.2.1580)
        Allah extends the grave for extolling Him… (Mishkat, 1.91)
        Jesus will be buried with Muhammad (obviously, this is a reward for Muhammad)… (Sunaan Tirmidhi, 1522)

      • Qui Creva

        December 8, 2016 12:40 pm

        Aminah, much of what you say here is nonsense. Worse, many of your claims have long since been refuted by hard fact. The root word of “Islam”, for example, is not “peace”, it is “submission”. Plus, most of the conciliatory Qur’anic verses you quote here were abrogated by later, intolerant verses.

        Going to an Islamic site geared to teach Muslims will not present anyone with the facts of Islam; it will only drown the seeker in Muslim propaganda. I suggest westerners read the Qur’an, the sira of Ibn Hisham, and a few thousand sahih ahadith for themselves. That approach will arm them against sugar-coated Islamic propaganda and show them why Islam presents a clear danger to humankind.

        The Muslim insistence that Islam has given women more rights than other ideologies is simply ludicrous. So the Qur’an guarantees them half the inheritance of their brothers – do you expect ANY reasonable modern person to be impressed by that? Secular societies are eons ahead of Islam where women’s rights are concerned. For that matter, so is modern Christianity, since Christ treated women as equals. By contrast, Muhammad treated them as property and sex objects.

        Your understanding of the Bible is weak. The Old Testament DESCRIBES violence that occurred in ancient times; these acts are HISTORICAL. The Qur’an, however, PRESCRIBES violent acts against non-believers FOR ETERNITY. These are DOCTRINES.

        Finally, you claim to be a western convert to Islam, but your writing style suggests otherwise. One typical Islamic propaganda strategy is for some foreign-born Muslim to post on a site like this, pretending to be a western convert. That makes Islam appear more attractive than it actually is. In reality, very few westerners ever convert to Islam, and 75% of those who do leave the religion after a few years. Once they discover what it REALLY teaches, they escape.

    • karthik shivaji

      January 23, 2011 8:38 am

      for all the evil and sins the white man specifically AMERICAN WHITE MAN has done to the rest of the civlized world they deserve all the hate they get right back to them. I don’t sympathize for the American White Man and their evil one bit, they deserve all the bad they get, European white people have learned since then and they are cool people, only America needs to be smacked around a bit so that they can be more real and accepting in life of others.

      • American

        February 16, 2011 12:54 pm

        Please do come to America, Step on our land and say this. We only have pride in our country because you have pride in your…little dot on the globe. But indeed european whites are the same as American. Europe is beginning the eradication of the Muslim population. Also there are many way’s of interrupting the koran, The jihad is a group from the muslim race that kill in the name of god because the koran give’s them justification too. We all know what your doing behind closed-circuit american television. Were not that stupid, My country provides me with a free multi-million dollar education, You have dirt, , nein. If it wasnt for america you would all be .

        • Andleeb kimmy

          October 9, 2016 10:03 pm

          Karthik IS FROM India as am also and India is the best country to leave on vice versa America is the worst Drugs,ill mannered not civilized as dont have a sense to wear clothes your girls mostly wear only undergarments may be to save Money lol…..and list is too long
          ewww hell

      • Chris

        February 28, 2012 6:26 am

        The arab man has subjugated the Middle East and killed millions too. The white man, while descendants of Viking genes, was bad – but all races have sinned. The Mongols, corrupt Chinese dynasties that killed millions. It puts the white man into perspective. It doesn’t say we are right, but it says that everyone has done evil and that no race can claim moral superiority over another.

      • Monique

        January 26, 2014 6:54 pm

        I hope you realize, it’s pure ignorance to say that every ” White American Man is sinful” and “evil”. We are a large country, with many different thoughts and opinions. I, an American woman personally doesn’t follow a certain religion, because the books have been passed down for so long, who knows what’s right and what’s wrong in them? Also many religious people forget that the people who are in the books are not the ones who wrote the books, so anything could be wrong. I believe in a god and immortal beings, but I refuse to listen to what is written down. I also don’t believe in evil, because everyone is born good and innocent, we are taught bad things. It’s idiocy. Every time someone does something that others consider evil, it is either out of ignorance or something to benefit them, that is them not using their brain. I am not trying to make anyone believe or think the way I do, just stating my point of view.

        • Monique

          January 26, 2014 7:01 pm

          And if “we” Americans are causing such a large disruption of the rest of the worlds peace, then why not ignore us. It would not be that hard for one person, such as yourself, to ignore what we are doing, considering all we want is peace, like any other country.

    • Muslim's Infidel

      March 13, 2011 3:44 pm

      I would like to post a reply to first aminah then karthik shivaji.

      @ aminah – You say that in Islam, you are required to treat people with kindness and respect. How then, do you explain the multiple wars that Islam had to perpetrate for Islam to spread through the Middle East and Northern Africa like ants on an insect carcass? Islam was not spread through peace. It was spread through wars and violence and taxation. Non-Muslims were allowed to live in Muslim lands as long as they shut their mouths and paid their Muslim tax. I find it comical that you mentioned the Quran in defense of the peaceful quality of Islam. You say condemnation of non-believers is clearly forbidden in the Quran. How many times does it mention in the Quran that the infidels and non-believers will burn in hell for eternity? How many bone chilling warnings for the non-believers are found in the peaceful book of Islam? Let there be no compulsion in religion – oh by the way, if you don’t follow Islam you know what will happen to you. You mask the violence and hatred toward any non-Muslims by acting pious and righteous and swearing up and down that you love all humans. But behind closed-doors, you learn and indulge in the idea that non-believers are infidels and unclean and have one way tickets to hell. If you deny that, you are lying to yourself. By the way, you say that the Bible is much worse on women’s rights than the Quran. How? Where? What are you talking about? They both preach the same thing and that is if you don’t believe in an invisible god, you are burning in hell.

      @ karthik shivaji – Your post sounds so unintelligible it almost doesn’t warrant a response at all. So the white man is responsible for all evil in the world? Excuse me, the American white man. While it’s true that America has become disgustingly corrupt, it is not the population of America that is the cause of the corruption. It is the ignorance and almost utter disregard for the truth. So it is not that Americans are evil but that they just don’t care one way or another what happens outside of their borders. As long as they drive their fancy cars and come home to their dream home. The American dream. Now, let’s talk about the Middle East, which is where you probably come from. I would guess from your name that you are from Iran? Afghanistan? Pakistan? Who knows. Tell me one thing that is not corrupt about those nations? Iran suppresses the truth and institutes sharia law, against people’s will. Afghanistan and their model citizens of the Taliban and who knows what corruption is going on over there. Pakistan is just a gem of the world isn’t it? The rest of the Middle East? Filled with corrupt politicians and presidents. You get my point. So European whites are cool people are they? Germany? France? Italy? United Kingdom? So they just are cool with all Muslims aren’t they? How are their governments any different from the United States? Only difference between them is how much money they have. They hate Muslims just as much as any other country. But, Muslims hate non-Muslims too, so what’s the difference between you and them?

      sinceheart – When you grow past the age of 13 and past the stage of life where everything is a rose garden, come and post something worth reading. This is a religious post. If I want therapy, I’ll go to a psychiatrist.

      • a muslim

        March 18, 2013 9:27 pm

        The wars were forced upon us, by the Arabs. read on the extreme oppression and misery our last prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) persevered through. I am a muslim, and I know we never wish you harm.

      • Sulman

        April 17, 2013 2:11 pm

        dear Muslim’s Infidel

        I salute you because you touched upon the most important teaching of the Quran, the life after death, or the Hereafter.

        It is true that in the Quran, it is mentioned many times what will happen to those who do not believe in Allah, his messenger and his message; however that message is universal as well as very personal. Allah, the all powerful and merciful, is inviting you personally to accept His message and follow His guidelines to lead your life so that you can be successful in the Hereafter. That message is the same for a muslim and a non-muslim alike, it is not for non-muslims only, it is not a warning for the non-believers only but it is for all. And that message is very personal, if you choose to accept the message, you will feel compelled to follow Allah’s path. If you do not, nobody else is responsible for your decision.

        Islam, does not give me or anybody else to force you to believe. Islam even does not guarantee anybody of heaven or hell, but it merely tells us what awaits. I can not change your believe or future path, it is only you who can do so. That warning in the Quran you mentioned is for you, and not for anyone else to force you to. All we can do is that we can remind you and invite you to peace and path of Allah.

        The path you choose is your own choice.

    • Johnny

      November 10, 2012 12:46 am

      the muslims have it right….they treat God and religion as sacred…as it should be

      in the usa, god has become a joke……thats the aim of those tv shows….to make a mockery of god and jesus…..

      This way we stop taking religion and god so seriously….and we view it as not real

  2. SincereHeart

    December 24, 2010 4:16 pm

    Respect. Respect is everything. All people should have it. simple as that. study. think. speak. practice it. it’s more than a good feeling. thinking well is better. who just wants to feel good regardless? lots of people. pleasure causes pain. pleasure seeking denies all moral truth (respect for any aim, thought, sensitivity, or thing at all). id (ego) and materialism are the worst offenders and liars of anything at all for pleasure on earth. Ego protection means to only protect self and own sensitivities. It’s a psychological feeling all humans have and need help with.. care and respect for all is better than only for self or own people..

    • SincereHeart

      December 24, 2010 4:26 pm

      Why are all humans so sensitive? We all want and need love and respect. that’s why.. Who wants to give it to others and not just demand it for self? respect is best when unselfish. virtue for all means all (not me, you, certain, few, etc).. few are sincere but sincerity is still for all..

  3. *sigh* =(

    May 24, 2011 12:56 pm

    am really young here,& it kills me that most of the world thinks that about islam,like woow srsly?media did blinded u ppl & u can`t even know what real islam is,how can i possiply tell what islam is in 1 replay &my age,limited english is`nt really helping me at all! muslims r kind ppl & u can`t judge them by a groub or two mnot to mention the wrong education u`ve got about it,how come u always bash on islam but not other religion,i tell why?cuz ur affraid cuz it actaully make some sense & u found answers u`ve been thinking about for ages!i really amazed by how can one apple can destroy a whole box,i feel so stubid knowing that non of u will propaply get a word of what am saying,the point is i love islam &allah & no matter what the world thinks about it,i know it`s the right way &hey…will see who will be laughing at the end. i wish 4 nothing but to undersatnd islam the TRUE one before u judge it that fast,,,, & i gotta say that it`s kinda unfair to learn it by english cuz the arabic contains a sea of hidden feeling that can only be exposed by it… am 16 btw so my english suck i know =)

  4. Ati S

    June 5, 2011 9:11 am

    To Aminah:
    I CANNOT AGREE that after you exalt islam is a religion of Peace, you’ll attack and say that the BIBLE contains more “wrong texts” and morE OPPRESSIVE TO WOMEN? My bible says to men, to take care Of women as if they are delicate vessels. ON THE CONTRARY, Only in Islam is a woman sold to husband. Treated like a pawn. Islam is Respectful to women? O why are there muslim women itching to be treated fairly? OPEN YOUR EYES. The GOD of the bible WANTS ALL MEN BE SAVED. ISLAM on the other hand would only say: DEATH TO THE INFIDELS! ( what kind of god would give his people such CRUEL kind of mindset towards his neighbor?). Only the God of the bible would advise his people NOT TO TIRE DOING GOOD TO OTHERS, And be ALL-SUFFERING. you muslims does not tolerate suffering from persucution. You get out, behead an infidel, bomb infidels, and then and only then you’ll go to heaven with 70 VIRGINS waiting for the man to take as his wives. What about women suicide bombers? Will they be pleasured with 70 horny husbands all night? FAIR TO WOMEN YOU SAY? uh oh. Think think AMINAH. Islam is not a religion of peace. It is a religion that promotes blood shed then will hide in a cloak of peace.

    • mena

      June 7, 2011 2:11 pm

      let me ask u this—-> just answer the Qs that this priest could`nt answer !!! ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TXeCr8nAnWM ) he dose`nt even know who`s god!!! look how they cut the caller over &over again! it shows…will u know huh ! He(rechard guy) made me more & more sure about islam..ur the 1 who should rethink NOT me nor aminah god bless her.

    • a muslim

      March 18, 2013 9:38 pm

      THANK YOU!!!! My thoughts exactly. we need to stop this fighting in between religions. My wish is that we work this out peacefully. Seriously.

  5. Shawn Pearson

    February 19, 2012 3:30 am

    To all of those who posted before me, and those who will post after me: Greetings!

    People of all faiths and religions would naturally appreciate it if others would respect their religion. I am truly ashamed to be human after reading the disrespectful garbage I have found here. I have traveled to 127 places in 39 countries during my lifetime. It has been my observation that what all humans desire above all else is to be happy. Humans find many ways so reach this end. Drugs and alcohol are examples of ways humans try to find happiness. Decide for yourself how successful those indulgences are. Food is one that we all must partake of, and enjoy to varying degrees. Some religions restrict what we can eat, for a variety of reasons. Some made good sense when the religious texts were written, but if objectively viewed, make little to no sense now. I am not aware of any parts of the primary religions that exist today that were written by women. It explains a lot when you consider prejudicial texts used by those religions. Objectively viewed, it explains why modern societies have generally moved away from writings that may have made perfect sense to their writers, but make little or no sense contextually today.

    Of the thousands of people I have met in my lifetime, the greatest majority, regardless of nation, race or religion, were reasonable people who bore no ill will toward another based on these factors. With very little exception, this was true regardless of their “place” in their society. Truly, they wanted to be happy and bore little ill will toward those who were different than them. I am not going to obsess on the glaring exceptions that occur, and can be seen in the media, regardless of who is creating it.

    I will grant that my experiences have been influenced by my reasonable nature. I am an American by birth, and as a general rule, I am proud of that label. I am not particularly happy with the general state of affairs here at this point in history, but believe that people who are so certain that there is some “evil” agenda that has brought us to this state of affairs are terribly misguided. The United States of America sits on the shoulders of millions of truly good human beings.

    Please do not waste your time trying to convince me that I am somehow wrong. Your meager words are nothing in the ocean of experience that has led me to my beliefs.

    May you find the peace and happiness we all so richly deserve. We are all born perfect. How we choose to seek out these things decides how successful we will be at those endeavors.

  6. charlie

    September 12, 2012 4:36 pm

    Read a world history textbook. Its quite amazing how much the world HASN’T changed. Don’t condemn a religion, condemn the people who use a religion to impose their harsh, tyrannical views.

    Ex/Savafid Empire, Crusade-era Europe, England after the Protestant Reformation, Taliban, etc etc.

  7. Jeff

    September 15, 2012 9:47 pm

    Why is everyone so concerned with everyone else’s opinions and beliefs? If you believe in Islam, fine. Christianity? Fine. Nothing but logic and karma? Fine. Believe whatever you believe, and live by those principles, and your strength and efforts will be noticed by those around you and will impact their lives. This is how you can change the world.

    If someone says something negative or uninformed or is disrespectful, that is their problem. They are only harming themselves and those around them. Respect other’s rights to their own individual beliefs and stop blaming other people, countries, or religions for your lot in life.

    • a muslim

      March 18, 2013 9:21 pm

      Well said, Masha Allah(good job)! Muslims are very misunderstood. How it came to be this way is beyond me, but it will change in the future Insha Allah(with the will of Allah)!

      Jazak Allah (thank you)

  8. Mark

    December 16, 2012 10:07 am

    I am atheist, but I have respect for what others believe in. I don’t go around pushing my atheist views and opinions on others, and I think all people should respect each other and appreciate that we are all different. In my experience, christians like to argue about beliefs, where muslims like to argue about lifestyle, probably because the islamic faith is, as mentioned in this article, not just a religion, but a lifestyle. This is where people can take offence.

    I have a collegue at work who is muslim, and as an example, if I mention anything about my drinking habits (alcohol), he has to comment, saying I shouldn’t drink, that it is bad for you, etc. This same person likes to comment on his facebook page for all to see, about other parts of his belief, such as, for example, the pig being dirty – so no one should eat pork. I was once in a Bangladeshi restaurant, and the waiter, who was also a muslim, after I ordered a drink asked me why I drink. I thought that was a strange thing to ask considering he served me it, however I prefer valid questions such as these, as opposed to people telling me I shouldn’t do something. Now, these individuals are people who live in a community as a minority, and have done so for a long time, and rather than embracing and accepting the society and culture in which they have chosen to reside in, continue to comment and criticise. The second example is more acceptable, but you don’t expect to be asked a question like that from a worker in a licensed premises! Now I am not intending to generalise, and it may be appearing that I am, but people naturally form opinions about different groups of people (extending beyond race and religion) based on experiences, and I am merely a person, like the next.

    I have not got a problem at all with the islamic community, their views, culture, lifestyle or religion. I do not mind having a religious argument, although I will not instigate one, I will not take offence if someone wanted to question why I think that when I die I am dead, but if a community, or individuals in that community want to live beside me, and expect respect and acceptance, then I would, and it is only fair, expect the same. It certainly doesn’t help at all when people tell me I shouldn’t do something, and on the opposite side of the argument, I think it would be insensitive for someone to tell a muslim they should eat a bacon sandwich. It is more important to be able to accept differences, understand there will be curiosity, and communicate in a more understanding way.

  9. Don

    January 26, 2013 4:22 pm

    In a perfect world Mark that would be true but you have to understand that those religious people see themselves as better than you and your just a lost soul wondering in the abyss.

    Independent free thinkers have the advantage of viewing things as they are and not from a book created by other men who died thousands of years ago.
    You cannot change their views as many of them have been brain washed from children.

    All you can do is try to get along and stay away from religious subjects.

  10. lasthelasijako

    July 24, 2013 9:50 pm

    If I were given a choice…to save a practitioner of Islam, or to save a three legged dog with cancer…well, I would not pick the first one. Chances are I would offend the first one somehow while trying to save his worthless ass. Due to this he/she would most likely revert back to their primitive ways passed down through brainwashing, and try to kill me.

    Plus…dogs are better, they have a higher understanding of the world in which they live.

    • mark

      July 29, 2013 3:01 pm


      You clearly are racist, and comments like this do not really add anything constructive to the debate. Maybe you should read some of the previous comments such as the one I added a while back, get a feel for the nature of the debate, then have a think about why you possess such strong feelings. Once you have searched through your own thoughts, try again with something that would not be seen so much as racist, rather a constructive fully explained viewpoint. If you can’t do this, then you are best keeping away from this discussion.

  11. Larry Silverstein

    January 22, 2014 11:34 am





    Buraq The Red Nosed Donkey

    Buraq, the red-nosed Donkey
    had a very shiny nose
    and if you ever saw it
    you would even say it glows.

    All of the other Donkeys
    used to laugh and call him names
    They never let poor Buraq
    play in any Donkey games.

    Then one foggy Ramadan eve
    Muhammad came to say:
    “Buraq with your nose so bright,
    won’t you guide me to Heaven tonight?”

    Then all the Donkeys loved him
    as they shouted out with glee,
    Buraq the red-nosed Donkey,
    you’ll go down in history!


    No Muslim can deny the importance of Mohammed’s night journey in Islam, because this trip determined the Islamic rituals of praying five times a day, and performing ablution – or washing before prayer. In other words Mohammed’s night journey should impact the lives of 1.5 billion Muslims all over the world – five times – each and every day.

    Qur’an, sura 17.1

    “Glory to (Allah) Who did take His servant for a Journey by night from the Sacred Mosque to the farthest Mosque, whose precincts We did bless,- in order that We might show him some of Our Signs: for He is the One Who heareth and seeth (all things)”.

    Mohammed’s alleged overnight trip covered the 1,000 miles from Mecca to Jerusalem, a trip to heaven, and a return to Mecca by morning, and is described in part as follows:

    Sahih Muslim, Book 001, Number 0309:
    It is narrated on the authority of Anas b. Malik that the Messenger of Allah (may peace be upon him) said: I was brought al-Buraq Who is an animal white and long, larger than a donkey but smaller than a mule, who would place his hoof a distance equal to the range of vision. I mounted it and came to the Temple (Bait Maqdis in Jerusalem), then tethered it to the ring used by the prophets. I entered the mosque and prayed two rak’ahs in it, and then came out and Gabriel brought me a vessel of wine and a vessel of milk.

    So Mohammed flew on al-Buraq to the temple in Jerusalem, tied it up to a ring “the prophets” had used in the past, and went on in to the Temple to pray. Because of the fantastic nature of Mohammed’s claims, some 21st century Muslims try to suggest that this was a vision or dream, but according to perhaps the most highly regarded historian of Islam:

    Sahih al-Bukhari, Volume 5, Book 58, Number 228:
    Narrated Ibn ‘Abbas:
    The sights which Allah’s Apostle was shown on the Night Journey when he was taken to Bait-ul-Maqdis (i.e. Jerusalem) were actual sights, (not dreams). And the Cursed Tree (mentioned) in the Quran is the tree of Zaqqum (itself).

    Additionally, the rock enshrined in the Dome of the Rock on the temple mount, is supposed to be where Mohammed and Baraq launched from, for the leg of the trip to heaven. So it would be untenable to suggest that Mohammed’s journey was a dream or vision, while at the same time claiming that he launched from a very much physical and tangible rock, on the temple mount.

    Doubtless there were many skeptics when Mohammed recounted the details of his trip the morning after his night journey on the flying animal. As Dr. Rafat Amari points out in the introduction to “Islam: In Light of History”, Abu Bakar (the first assistant of Mohammed who became his first Caliph) confirmed Mohammed’s descriptions of the temple he had visited, because Abu Baker claimed he had once taken a journey to Jerusalem and had seen the temple himself, and remembered it to be just as Mohammed had described it.

    There is, however, a little difficulty with their accounts. The temple had been torn down over 500 years before their claims of personal visits to it. Indeed if Mohammed had actually hitched his flying animal anywhere near where the temple had been, as he claimed “the prophets” had hitched theirs, at the time in history that his night flight is supposed to have occurred, he would have found that the temple mount was being used as a garbage dump. The Muslim’s own Caliph Omar would have observed this when he marched into Jerusalem in 639 AD, not very many years after Mohammed offered his account detailed above.

    While Mohammed and Bakr didn’t need to be concerned about their largely illiterate followers traveling the 1,000 miles from Mecca to Jerusalem, to scrutinize their accounts, what excuse do today’s Muslims have in this 21st century information age?

    “In light of all this, we ask the following questions:

    * What Temple did Muhammad visit, enter and pray at before ascending to heaven?
    * Seeing that the Quran mentions a journey to a Mosque that did not exist during the lifetime of Muhammad, how can you consider the Quran to be 100% the word of God?
    * In light of the fact that both the Quran and the Islamic traditions contain this historical error, how can you trust either source to provide you with reliable information on the life of Muhammad and the first Muslims?
    * Does not the fact that the Quran mentions a Mosque which was only erected in AD 691 prove that there were Muslims who unashamedly and deceitfully added stories to the Quranic text and passed them off as revelation from God?
    * If you cannot find an answer to this historical problem within the Quran, why do you still remain a Muslim?”


    Flying camels, or baraqs, were nothing new to Islamic tradition. It was how they explained away the transportation impossibilities that resulted from the fictional history the Islamic “historians” had created.

    For example it was one of these mythical flying camels that enabled Abraham to pay visits to his son Ishmael in Mecca, a 1000 miles away. Islamic tradition also holds that it was a Baraq that enabled Ishmael to attend his father Abraham’s funeral in Hebron. Are we beginning to get the picture? Any time the thousand miles between Mecca and Israel presented the obvious geographical impossibility, of any suggestion of Abraham or Ishmael ever having been in Mecca, simply break out the flying camel! Hmmm

    But then the flying camel wasn’t invented by Muslim historians but had been in mythology from long before. It was utilized in Persian Zoroastrian mythology.

    Quoting Dr. Amari

    “The Pahlavi Texts of the book of Dinkard are Zoroastrian canonical comments on the Avesta, considered part of the Zoroastrian scriptures. It mentioned KaiKhusrois, a mythological prophet who transformed Vae, the god of the air, into the shape of a camel. He then mounted him and went where the immortal mythological Persians dwelt.”

    Indeed, when combined with the “Mecca” page, what we learn is that every Muslim on earth, bows toward and is supposed to travel to and circumambulate, the very same black stone moon god idol, that the pagans bowed toward and circumambulated before Mohammed. Now we learn that the reason that Muslims bow toward that black stone idol five times a day, and wash before doing so, is because Mohammed claimed to have taken a trip on a flying animal. Beyond the obvious questions about flying animals, that even an 8 year old might ask, Mohammed’s visit to and prayer in a temple, is also shown to be a physical impossibility. Some suggest it was a reference to the mosque that was built on the temple mount, but no “prophets” ever tied camels up to that mosque, let alone that it wasn’t built until 685 AD, long after Mohammed was dead and buried.

    The real reason Muslims pray five times a day and perform ablution, is likely because Mohammed became deeply involved in the second century occult cult of the Sabians, by way of four of his relatives. This cult apparently had so much influence over Mohammed’s daily life, that some in his own tribe referred to him as “the Sabian”. In the Quran Mohammed lists Sabians right alongside Christians and Jews.

    Qur’an, surah 2:62

    “Those who believe (in the Qur’an), and those who follow the Jewish (scriptures), and the Christians and the sabians,- any who believe in Allah and the Last Day…”

    Qur’an, surah 5:69

    “Those who believe (in the Qur’an), those who follow the Jewish (scriptures), and the sabians and the Christians…”

    And guess what?

    The occult Sabian cult prayed five times a day and performed ablution.

    Excerpt from “Occultism in the family of Mohammed”

    “Waraqa was one of the founders of the group called Ahnaf. In the first narration of the life of Mohammed, written by Ibn Hisham in the 8th century A.D., we read:

    The Honafa’, or Ahnaf, was a small group started when four Sabians at Mecca agreed. Those four were Zayd bin Amru bin Nafil, Waraqa bin Naufal, Ubaydullah bin Jahsh, and Uthman Bin al-Huwayrith.[xxxi][31]

    The four founders of Ahnaf were all related to Mohammed. They were descendants of Loayy, one of Mohammed’s ancestors. Furthermore, Waraqa bin Naufal and Uthman Bin al-Huwayrith were cousins of Khadijah. We know this from Mohammed’s genealogy presented by Ibn Hisham.[xxxii][32] Ubaydullah Bin Jahsh was a maternal cousin to Mohammed. Mohammed married his widow, Um Habibeh. All this reveals the close connection between Mohammed and the founders of the group.”

    Before fundamental, Quran and Hadith following – true Muslims – received Western financing through oil purchase to expand their murder of innocent non-Muslims all around the world – with 2 million killed in the Sudan alone by the Islamic beast during this Islamic Second Jihad – the only thing I would have likely recalled knowing about Arabia would have been what I learned as a child. This would include stories like Aladdin’s lamp from which a genie emerged when it was rubbed, and Ali Baba and his magic flying carpet. Interesting now in adulthood to learn about Mohammed’s night flight that 1.5 billion people are not only expected to believe, but also to follow, five times a day.

  12. Infidel

    May 27, 2014 4:42 am

    Mohamad was born as a Hindu in a Hindu family of temple priests and his own mother served different men as per the tradition then.
    The Kabba the Islamic holy site was built up on the Hindu temple which still holds the original stone the Hindus worshiped. Unfortunately Muslims have been brainwashed by what is falsely written in the Koran which is just a compilation (mostly translated from the Bible, Torah & Hindu literature) by some humans 100 of years after Mohamad’s death. If you study the life of Mohamad actions closely, you will learn that he was power hungry person who invented Allah in order to impose his authority through fear & terror in the region. He had many wives and his lust for sex made him pedophile having married a girl who was just six years old. Millions of Women & girls from the war booty have been used as sex slaves through out the Islamic history because it is allowed by their fictitious Allah. Today Boko Haram in Nigeria is doing the same what was done by Mohamad & his followers and clearly encouraged in the Koran. When Islam was spreading during the medieval ages many peaceful civilization were destroyed by terror and rape of the innocent. Once you are a muslim you are muslim forever and not allowed to research for the the truth. Murderer’s are so sensitive that no one can dare to call a murderer a murderer. When they migrate to a western country they enjoy the democracy and in their own Islamic countries the minorities live a miserable life because they are the infidels. I request that all infidels (Buddhist, Jews, Christians, Hindus, Sikhs & the Atheists) in this world to unite to expose the lies of the evil Islam.

  13. Symm

    October 29, 2021 8:17 am

    “You would not want someone mocking what you believe in would you?”

    Go for it, my conviction in my beliefs outweighs mockery, also my beliefs have tangible proof so you’d look a bit silly mocking them, but at the end of the day they’re just words, if you can’t handle dissenting opinions to yours then you still have a lot of growing up to do.

    Sticks and stones remeber, it’s not just a catchy rhyme to empower kids, it’s a literal statement, words are hollow and meaningless, the only damage they can do it is what you allow them to. The world is full of weak willed people that have zero urgency in their own mental state and instead turn that outwards and complain, piss and moan about every little thing. Pathetic.


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