Why Are Hormones Important?

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Why Are Hormones Important?

Depression. Suicidal tendencies. Hot flashes. Bouts of rapid and palpitating heartbeats. Unpredictable mood swings and sudden bursts of tears. Insomnia or the contrary, which is oversleeping. Low libido. Disorientation, lack of focus and mental confusion. Impotence. Memory lapses. Emotional eating thus resulting to weight gain. Irregular period cycles. These are but a fraction of the symptoms of hormonal imbalances that occur in women. Sadly, more women are affected by this sudden change in chemistry rather than men but some men are actually affected by this natural occurrence as well.

So why do hormones play such a big role in the human body? There are actually a lot and various kinds of hormones found in the human body and each has its own vital role in keeping the whole system healthy. Scientifically speaking, hormones are chemical substances that control a lot of areas of development in our body such as growth, fertility, mobilization, and responses to stress, metabolism, aging, the immune system and even sleep . If these vital hormones are overlooked and taken for granted, then our bodies would definitely feel like something is not working correctly.

Out of all, there are some hormones that play key roles in the functioning of both men and women namely; progesterone, testosterone, estrogen, adrenaline, thyroid, cortisol, insulin. If these important hormones are imbalanced, the symptoms mentioned earlier are very likely to occur. Considering the pollutants that we inhale and all the processed foods that we take in our body every day, it is really better to have a medical professional checking in on you and hormones once in awhile to make sure that every single part of your body is working right. As they say, better to be sure than sorry. It takes more than a diet to be healthy, it is a lifestyle.

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