Why are Asians so Skinny?

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Why are Asians so Skinny?

Now before we talk about ‘genes,, let us take a broader look on why Asian people are skinny. Humans are probably the most advanced specie in the planet. We learn to adapt to our surroundings and the topography of the land ‘can, change our features and lifestyles. For example, places with hotter climates tend to make the skin from light brown to dark brown. On some cases the skin is pure black. There are countries that only experience 2 types of seasons, the summer and the rainy season. Some countries have four, winter, spring, summer and fall.

There are also remote and unique regions like ‘Antarctica, where the sun may be up for months without setting. This may also drastically ‘change, a person’s physique and a person must learn to adapt with his surroundings.

While genes maybe a ‘key factor, in making us look the way we are, wouldn’t you agree that our genes may had been modified for generations just to suit the environment that we currently live in? Going back to the topic, Asians may be skinny for a lot of reasons and these also include cultures and lifestyles. As generation of Asians come and go the genes gets passed on as well as certain cultures and traditions that may affect a person’s physical appearance.

Food can also be a factor, since most Asians love to eat ‘rice,; they are a substitute to the western culture for breads. The difference may not only lie on the food that we eat, it can also be a lot of other things. But as generations of Asians become mixed with other nationalities (Western people) there had been quite a few improvements in their lifestyles over the years. It is still debatable whether it is because of the genes, the topography of the land or the culture that is responsible for Asians being the way they are.

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