Similarities Between Rome and Greece

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Rome and Greece were some of the ancient cities that existed during the civilization period and are credited for their significant contributions in technology, military, and governance. Despite the two countries having some significant differences, they had many things in common which demonstrated their similarities.

Similarities Between Rome and Greece

  • Rome

Rome is the modern city of current Italy. However, Rome was an ancient country, which was the capital of the active and influential Roman Empire that had conquered a vast area in Europe and other parts of the world.

  • Greece

Greece is the modern country that is located in Eastern Europe boarding the Middle East to the eastern side and the Mediterranean Sea to the south. It is an ancient country that has existed for many decades, and it was at the center stage of the Roman Empire with the two cities exhibiting significant military battles.

Similarities Between Rome and Greece

  1. Similarities Between Rome and Greece in terms of “Cultural Influence”

Since time immemorial, the two regions have been influencing each other on various aspects of life, which include social life, political life, and economic life. During the colonial era, Greeks and Romans interacted through trade at the black sea and the Mediterranean regions because the Romans had provided significant security from their military. As civilization grew from one area to another, the Romans incorporated some cultural beliefs from the Greeks. It is worth noting that the two countries have continued to influence one another even in the modern era and it is difficult for one to distinguish between the cultures of the two countries.

  1. Similarities Between Rome and Greece in terms of “Agriculture”

Farming was an everyday economic activity between Rome and the ancient Greek. Some of the main crops, which were grown in these regions, include wheat and production of olive oil. Additionally, both could produce enough grapes to the point of exporting some of them. Other forms of economic activities that were shared between Roman and ancient Greek include mining and fishing among others. It is worth noting that farming technology during the agrarian revolution is said to have originated between the two countries. However, it is important to highlight that wheat production was not enough to sustain the economy of Rome making it start raiding in other surrounding empires that were later conquered.

  1. Similarities Between Rome and Greece in terms of “Slavery”

Slave trade was a common practice in both Rome and Greek. The activity was so spread such that the slaves in these regions were more abundant in number as compared to the citizens of the two areas. Majority of the slaves were sourced from the low-income families, or those people who were found to be against the rules of the country were converted to slaves. They were used to provide labor in mining, farming, carrying of loads from one place to another, and even for entertainment purposes. Slave rebellion was highly experienced in Rome and Greece because they were huge in number to the point that they were almost overpowering the military.

  1. Similarities Between Rome and Greece in terms of “Art and Design”

Both Romans and Greeks practiced art as a way of portraying their artistic designs, creativity, and expressing their feelings towards a particular aspect. The technique that was associated with Greece is known as Venus de Milo while the classic artistic design was referred to as fresci the mosaic or wall painting. Besides, both build very similar buildings such as temples and the palace. The architectural design was so identical such that both incorporated arches and domes in their buildings. However, the Roman temples combined few details like vaults to make them more aesthetic.

  1. Similarities Between Rome and Greece in terms of “Social Classes”

Both Rome and Greece had a society, which was highly divided into social classes that included women, slaves, freedmen, plebeians, and patricians among others. Other social types that included the wealthy, wealthy, and military men were profound in both societies, and they ranked highly in the community. In two social settings, women and slaves were considered to have no significance to play in the affairs of the city thereby making them rank at the bottom of the hierarchy.

Main points on similarities between Rome and Greece

Both countries have different ground though located in the Mediterranean region. All Greek cities neared water bodies while Rome was an inland country on the banks of River Tiber.

Based on geographical positioning, Rome had foreigners and invaders, which the Greek did not like most Greek cities, was separated steep country sides.

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