Similarities Between Humans and Animals

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Everyone must admit that there are significant similarities as well as differences between humans and animals. According to Charles Darwin theory of evolution, human beings can be said to trace their ancestry back from chimpanzee-like animals. The following text highlights some of the profound similarities that can help compare humans and animals.

Similarities Between Humans and Animals

  • What are Humans?

According to scientists, humans are unusual animals with a higher thinking capacity. Moreover, unlike other animals, humans are social and can deduce between moral and immoral while at the same time possessing the ability to better their lives.

  • What are Animals?

An animal is a living organism, which possesses the characteristics of respiration, gaseous exchange, reproduction, nutrition, while at the same time having the ability to respond to changes in the environment. Examples of animals include an elephant, monkey, and a dog among others.

Similarities Between Humans and Animals

  1. Similarities between Humans and Animals in terms on “Cultural Characteristics”

One of the main similarity between humans and animals is the ability to express shared attitudes and practices and passing them to the next generation. Humans express their culture through religion, arts, and other social activities, which are passed from one generation to another. It is worth noting that a specific community is recognized through its cultural events. On the other hand, animals have their artistic activities. For example, many primates have their own cultures and traditions such as the rain dances, which some chimpanzee assemblies perform, at the beginning of storms, which are passed from one generation to another.

  1. Similarities between Humans and Animals in terms on “Expressing Emotions”

Secondly, both humans and animals express a wide spectrum of emotions owing to various events and experiences or the prevailing circumstances in their surroundings. Human beings live their life moving from one emotional experience to anger, from frustration to euphoria and other emotional skills, which are either positive or negative. Those people who have lived closer to animals understand that they also experience fear, desire, panic, and surprisingly, embarrassment. For example, dolphin mothers have been seen expressing grief after their infants died while elephants will wait to stand for a long time waiting for disabled herd member, which is a show of empathy.

  1. Similarities between Humans and Animals in terms on “Communication”

Both humans and animals have a distinct way through which they communicate with their peers. Humans use verbal, writings, and sign language to communicate their needs, wants, and ideas to another human upon which they will receive a response through any method that suits the recipient. It is important to highlight that language and communication between human beings have been evolving. On the other hand, individual animals use language to communicate about danger, food, and excitement. For example, primates, whales, and birds have been shown to use distinct words and signs to identify objects, and actions. Moreover, chimpanzees even use syntax and grammar.

  1. Similarities between Humans and Animals in terms on “Ability to Remember”

Humans and animals share another similarity in that both use their memories to remember past experiences, which they use to make immediate decisions concerning what they experienced. For example, humans can mentally capture their sensory information at a particular time and store it away for later use. Animals also have memories where they store information for later use. For example, domesticated animals like dogs and cats can remember the taste of food through smell, and they can recognize various commands and the expected response. Some squirrels have excellent spatial memories, allowing them to retain months later where they buried thousands of grains across areas of dozens of square kilometers.

  1. Similarities between Humans and Animals in terms on “Making and Using Tools”

Lastly, both humans and animals have consistently shown that they can make and use tools for their benefits. One of the defining qualities is the ability to use tools to create cities, for farming purposes, and writing among other uses. Some animals have shown the capability to make and use tools for various purposes. Chimpanzees use stones as hammers and anvils and fashion spears for hunting. Additionally, elephants make water vessels to drink water.


  • Humans and animals have shown many similar characteristics, which has made human beings to appreciate animals as worthy members of the ecological system.
  • Furthermore, due to the intellectual capabilities expressed by various animals, human beings have domesticated them so that they can be used to offer multiple services. For example, dogs are used to provide security at homes.

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