How Does Social Media Affect Communication Skills?

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How Does Social Media Affect Communication Skills

From what is known, to the way people think, social media has recently shown its role in the redefining of basic mental activities. There are many things that you have unlearnt, unknowingly, and you have also learnt a lot, unknowingly. A majority of the world’s population is a member of at least one of the world’s best social media platforms.

Communication, with the incumbency of social media, has shifted to direct one on one interaction with individuals, to a more complex way of life where socialisation stems from chatting rather than interacting one on one. Today, people would prefer not to interact at a social gathering in the day, only to end up exchanging contacts, after which they will chat themselves into the late night.

Current Trends

Studies have shown that most people would prefer interaction through social media, rather than communicating one on one. The dependency on social media for interacting has statistically been an ever rising figure (1). People feel that there is no longer a need to embrace the communication skills that help people interact, since social media has already solved the problem, by setting an interaction default.

According to news sources, such people feel that they have made more friends through social media, while others think that social media has helped them become more intimate and closer with their friends.

Communications skills today are affected by social media in many ways. First, many young people have taken to more than just socialising on social media platforms (1). It is in these platforms that young people have used as a means for expression, in a manner that does not have to capture people who are listening to you.

People are being in treated to the understanding that you will always get a larger audience on social media. The irony of life is that people have disregarded one on one interaction while seeking to pursue a larger audience, only to find out that they have totally lost it on communication.

Negative Influence of Social Media on Communication Skills

  1. The inability to cooperate in team activities at the workplace
  2. Poor communication skills cited from the inability to spend time talking one on one with other people.
  3. Inability to communicate clearly or drive a point in the right way.
  4. Poor customer handling due to the inability to properly communicate.
  5. Progressive loss of confidence due to failure in speaking to other people clearly and effectively.

Advantages of Social Media to Our Communication

  1. Exposure to current information helps people to actively contribute and communicate with other people.
  2. Social media helps people to keep in touch with their families and friends. This supports communication and prevents communication breakdown due to distance or schedules.
  3. Social media brings people together. People have in some way improved their skills in communication due to the constant need of interacting anew with different people (2).
  4. Social media has encouraged people to communicate by encouraging the airing of personal views (2). This way, more people will want to interact and communicate to others.
  5. Social media allows you to plan on what you say. This is an effective psychological process that empowers your communication skills.


Topic Positive Effect Negative Effect
Team work Great exposure to many people hence more knowledgeable in communicating with others Poor team playing due to the inability to express oneself.
Interaction Improved interaction levels due to talking to many random people Poor interaction and communication due to indirect contact with reality.
Esteem Improved self confidence since you are able to interact with multiple people at a single time Loss of self confidence when you are unable to air your views.

The ramifications on communication skills that social media has caused can be felt either positively or negatively. However, it is important to note that the negative effect of social media on communication have more weight than the positive effects of social media on communication skills. The fabric of communication is important, and should remain entrenched as a societal asset.


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